Kidslox – Helping Parents Establish Digital Boundaries for Their Kids | NewsWatch Review


Kids spend an inordinate amount of time staring at screens every single day. But do parents really know how much time their children spend looking at their devices?

Do they even know what content their children are viewing? That’s where Kidslox comes into play.

Kidslox is a mobile application for iOS and Android that helps parents set boundaries about the number of times their children spend in front of their devices.

Kidslox has five main features. The first one is an instant lockdown mode. The second one is the daily limit which allows you to set an amount of time per day that the screen will be on. The third is schedules which allows you to set a specific period of time for the device to be in lockdown mode. The fourth is a content filter which allows you to block over five million adult sites and fifth is the restriction of specific apps.

Kidslox is different from other parental control software and applications in that it is completely cross-platform. It works universally on iOS and Android. You can control an iOS device from an Android and an Android device from iOS.

Second of all, it uses a different type of approach to content filtering which doesn’t drain your battery, doesn’t slow down the internet, and doesn’t cost a lot of money or traffic for the device.

Kidslox also has a three-way toggle. This is their almost patentable technology, where they define the device either in the parent mode, child mode, or lockdown mode. It is very easy and intuitive and parents love that feature. The third thing is that Kidslox has individual app blocking on iOS devices.

It is very easy to do on Android devices but it is very hard to do on iOS and they figured out a way to do it on iOS. Kidslox is one of the very few companies that do it.

Start managing your family’s screen time today by heading to or by visiting the Google Play or Appstore.