By: Bryan Tropeano

Did it turn on? Or is it still looking dead? Your iPhone is no different and will not turn on sometimes due to a number of problems that can be easy or difficult to fix. In this article, we have highlighted a few possible reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on and how to fix the issue.

Fix iPhone System

You might need experts to help if your iPhone system gets corrupt and due to which you are unable to turn on your phone. The one tool that all iPhone users can trust blindly is iSkysoft Toolbox-iOS System Recovery. This tool is designed to fix issues; white screen, black screen, continuous Apple logo looping, stuck in recovery mode, etc. This software is user-friendly and can easily be operated without any technical help. Also, it removes the risk of data loss while recovering back your iPhone to its normal state.

Hard Reset The iPhone

Hard resetting of the phone is done when you have tried to restart your iPhone in a normal way, but it didn’t work. By hard reset, your iPhone might turn on but loses its memory. Don’t worry it won’t lose your storage. Steps to do a hard reset are as follows:

• Hold the on/off and Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds (relieved if something happens)
• Keep holding the buttons and
• Release when the Apple logo appears.
• Now restart your phone

Charge Your iPhone

Your iPhone won’t turn on if the battery is dead; this is one of the common reasons it goes off. Make sure your phone isn’t facing battery problems before you move to the next solution. Connect your iPhone with the charger and let it charge for minimum 15-30 minutes before restarting it again.

Check Charger Cable

Most of us don’t realize that we might need to change our charger cable. Your battery might be out of charge but your lightning cable is also not working properly, and you won’t even realize it. If that is the case, buy a new charger cable to charge your phone. If the phone is still looking dead, there might chance that of its battery drainage.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

If you have created updates of your backup, then you don’t need to worry. You can use the iTunes backup storage on the Mac or Pc to back up your iPhone and fix it. This is an effective way to fix, without any data loss, your iPhone if it fails to turn on. Following are the steps to do so:

• Connect the iPhone’s USB cable (Do not plug into your computer) to the Lightning Connector port.
• Press the Home button and while pressing, connect the USB cable to your Pc. You can now open iTunes recovery mode to restore your iPhone completely.

Restore iPhone To Factory Settings

Restoring your iPhone is the best way to fix it. This will erase all the data stored on your device. However, if you had synced your device with iTunes backup storage, then chances are that you will get saved from losing all data.

Bryan TropeanoBryan Tropeano is a senior producer and a regular reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Washington D.C. and loves all things Tech.