Ginko – One-Tap Contact Exchange App | NewsWatch Review


Simple things like exchanging contact info should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 in this on-demand world. But, somehow, we’re still relying on such archaic concepts as carrying around business cards or calling someone so they can have our information. Let’s get back to the basics with Ginko.

Ginko is the one-tap contact exchange app that allows you to quickly and easily exchange relevant information and capture the identity of the contact. When you’re ready to exchange info, you and another user simply fire up the Ginko app and hold down the patented “Ginko Me” button.

Now select what information you want to share. Do you only want to share your phone number? No problem. How about your e-mail and maybe your address? Simple. Just select the appropriate info and you’re both good to go. The Directory feature in the app eliminates all the clutter from the contact exchange. You can organize all of your contact in a group or with a tag. You can even create or join a directory for you and your contacts.

You’ll no longer wonder where you know that person from or how you ever got their contact info.

Ginko also provides users with an all-encompassing social wall to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos. This social wall makes it a cinch to separate out your personal life with your work by allowing you to share each post with only those you choose. Starting to see a theme here? Ginko is about privacy and control over who sees what. You can create a personal profile, professional profile or pages with the option to embed a video to showcase what you want.

To download the one tap contact exchange app, simply search for “Ginko” in the Google Play or App Store today.