Do online gambling site owners care about their clients as much as they demonstrate it with their outstanding bonus offer ads? Are their bonuses as generous as they seem, or is there anything we just don’t know about them? Before you follow the tempting best online casino bonus Canada lead, make sure you find out about both pros and cons of internet casino bonus offers, as well as about certain wagering requirements you will inevitably come across. When it comes to online casinos, the importance of staying informed cannot be overlooked.

Indeed, if you’ve browsed through several online casinos already, you’ve probably noticed their multiple free-money bonus offers and other freebies they are ready to splash at you for joining their sites. On the one hand, it’s only natural, since the competition between online casinos is becoming a major trend and each of them is looking for effective ways to attract more players. On the other hand, we realize that this industry is about getting money instead of giving it which automatically makes the issue worth looking into.

Believing in miracles is nice, but oftentimes destructive for one’s mental health. That’s why we will lead you directly to the truth about online gambling bonuses. And the truth is that every freebie has its price, especially when it comes to some really generous casino bonuses. The catch in our situation is represented by certain playthrough (wagering) restrictions, terms and conditions that you must conform to before you take advantage of your recently claimed delicious bonus deal.

The Eye-Opening Truth Behind Casino’s Generosity

If you’re new to the online gambling scene, you probably haven’t heard of wagering requirements before. No need to pull your hair out, we’ll let you in on this secret information most online casinos won’t eagerly share with you once you join them. So, wagering requirements are restrictions you must follow in order to get your bonus and eventually cash out your winnings. In a narrower sense, playthrough requirements come down to a certain number of times you must use your ‘free money’ before you can withdraw your funds.

The larger your bonus, the higher the wagering requirements will most likely follow. Let’s provide a real-life example for you to see things in a more understandable way. Say, a casino grants you $50 of free playing cash with a 10X playthrough requirement attached. It implies that you must wager $50 x 10 = $500 in order to withdraw the free $20. For some reason their attractive ads never say ‘Good luck working your bottom off to get your ‘free’ bonus money back’. We hope that now you’re starting to embrace the real price of online casino bonuses and why you should avoid them.

Things with bonus restrictions get a tad more complex at this point, mostly because playthrough requirements are often followed by some extra limitations. For example, there’s a maximum time frame for using your bonus before it expires or game restrictions based on which you’re only allowed to use your bonus money to play a limited selection of online games. No wonder most online casinos hide the truth about their bonus offers in their Terms and Conditions sections. A lot of players simply don’t read them and fall prey to the marketing tricks.

The Importance of Being Informed

Online gambling can be exciting, it’s something a lot of people are into these days. In fact, it’s no longer associated with negative things. On the contrary, a lot of countries have now started viewing online casinos as entertainment, something to help you release the stress of the day and recharge your brain power. However, taking this industry and everything that comes with it lightly is a slippery slope because there are a lot of dishonest operators and unreliable offers out there.

Online gambling is remotely similar to purchasing services online. Before you invest your money in something serious, you do your best to get to the bottom of the issue: study reviews, read descriptions, ask multiple why-questions and Google endlessly. Only after that, you buy. Online gambling is trickier than that. So make sure you invest some time in learning as much as you can about the wagering requirements of each ‘lucrative bonus’ you’re itching to claim.