Tonit – The Ultimate Motorcycle Lifestyle Community App | NewsWatch Review


If you’ve ever hit the open road with just you and your motorcycle, then you know that nothing compares to this unique thrill. Motorcyclists bond on this shared love of riding and create a unique community of passionate riders.

The Tonit app provides the ultimate motorcycle lifestyle community.

Start by creating a profile that shows off your riding style, motorcycle, and your favorite rides.

You can browse through other profiles and connect with like-minded riders by location. No matter where you are you can find others with similar interests in riding styles and bikes.

Add and invite friends with a simple tap or two and form lifelong friendships. And how about the next time you’re ready to head out, create a ride in the app and invite friends to join you.

Each rider can set their location and find riders in their area to plan future rides with. Use the messaging system to ensure no one gets left behind and every rider stays safe.
And of course, if you want to ride solo you can do that too.

Start your ride and let Tonit track all of your stats across the map. Tonit also provides a social newsfeed with rides, posts, and other helpful information so you get the most out of your riding.

Download the free Tonit app from the Google Play or App Store today.