RexVid – Compile and Send Group Messages Customized for Any Occasion | NewsWatch Review


How much money would you say you spend a year on greeting cards? At $5 a pop and numerous birthdays and other celebrations, it probably adds up. What if there was a better way to show someone you cared? A more personal way.

Well, there is, with RexVid.

The RexVid app allows you to compile and send group video messages customized and themed for the occasion.

Here’s how it works. Simply record your video greeting right in the app. It can be a “Get Well Soon” or “Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to celebrate!”

Next, invite contributors from your contacts to record a video greeting in their app.

Once done, RexVid will get to work stitching all of these videos together in one cohesive greeting video.

The recipient will then receive a text message when the final video card is ready to be seen. The recipient doesn’t even need to have the RexVid app for you to send the greeting.

They simply click on the link in the text message which allows them to download the app and watch the video.

Isn’t it time we personalize greeting cards and turn life moments into memories?

Download the RexVid app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.