One of the coolest things about using technology to communicate is there are tons of ways to enhance your messaging. The best way to find keyboards that give you access to custom emojis, improve your grammar, and slew of other enhancements is to read Android keyboard reviews.

1 – Disney Emoji Keyboard

The Disney emoji keyboard lets you send all of your favorite Disney characters in texts – but there’s a catch. You need to download Disney Emoji Blitz game from the Google play store. The more you play, the more characters you unlock.

With over 400 characters available and more planned, this Android keyboard is definitely worth the effort for hardcore Disney fans. Otherwise, the play-to-unlock system may turn off the more casual Disney fan.

2 – Gboard

Gboard is the standard keyboard on many android devices, but some Samsung phones don’t come with it pre-loaded.

One of the biggest benefits of the Gboard is it comes with Google built right into your keyboard. You can search the Internet without leaving your messaging app.

It also has a bunch of small features that, when added together, make for a seamless experience. Double-tap the spacebar and you’ll add a period. Slide back and forth on the spacebar and you’ll be able to place your cursor within the text.

3 – Multiling O

On this list of Android Keyboard reviews, the Multiling O keyboard is the best option for those who send messages in languages other than English. This Android keyboard supports over 200 languages and has many customization options.

It supports the QWERTY, DVORAK, and AZERTY layouts and also allows you to create your own keyboard layout.

4 – Swiftkey

Swiftkey is another keyboard designed with the multilingual user in mind, as it supports over 60 languages. One of its best features is its predictive text.

Many Swiftkey reviews mention how much better its predictive text is than the standard keyboard. The best part is it learns from how you type, so it gets better the more you use it. The only real downside of Swiftkey is it isn’t free. At $3.99, though, it doesn’t break the bank.

5 – Grammarly

This is the go-to keyboard if you want to make sure messages to your boss or clients have perfect spelling and grammar.

Grammarly doesn’t do much in terms of features, but what it does do, it does well. Mistakes are flagged with a red line, and a correction is offered when you click on it.

6 – Fleksy

Fleksy actually holds the Guinness world record for fastest keyboard, so this is the best option on this list of Android keyboard reviews if typing speed is your main concern.

Fleksy also has an intricate theme customizer if you want to control how your keyboard looks. One of its default themes, the chameleon theme, changes the color of your keyboard to match the color scheme of the app you’re using.

A Quick Reminder About Data Security

Everything you do on a smartphone, including installing keyboard apps, stores your data in some way. It’s easy to get your keyboards back when you get a new mobile device, but remember – your old device has all of your important personal information. It needs to be recycled pro

One of the benefits of using a professional e-waste service like All Green Electronics Recycling when getting rid of your smartphone is they have a proven data destruction process. They are 100 percent liable for making sure keyboard apps like these don’t have any trace of your data. Keep data security in mind when trying any of the keyboards covered in these android keyboard reviews.