Small restaurants are always on the lookout for new ways to compete against their larger competitors. It turns out that one of the best ways to do that is by focusing on technology. Small business owners today are looking for simple, tech-savvy solutions to make their lives easier. That’s where a revolutionary food distribution app comes in.

What exactly is a food distribution app? It’s a way to order fresh ingredients for your restaurant right from your smartphone without the usual large makeups. As a small restaurant, you need all of the advantages you can get. Running out of ingredients or paying high markups is simply not an option if you’re going to thrive let alone survive. Food distribution apps are changing the game for small restaurants today and leveling the playing field.

The Problem With Big Wholesale Food Distributors

With so many big-name distributors, why do small restaurants need to consider an alternative solution? Anyone in the industry knows that large distributors like Sysco and US Foods have lengthy, complex food ordering processes.

Restaurant owners simply don’t have the time to navigate these often inefficient and pricey companies. Larger distributors are actually ideal for big restaurant chains that have dedicated teams for ordering. Smaller restaurants are simply left in the dark by their outdated processes and there’s finally a better solution.

Using Cutting Edge Mobile Technology to Accomplish More

Food distribution apps like Cheetah break down this outdated process to make food distribution more accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. This growing supply delivery startup demonstrates the importance of reinventing the entire restaurant supply chain through a mobile app. Restaurant leaders can simply click through the Cheetah app, selecting exactly what they need, scheduling real-time availability and even automating future deliveries through scheduling.

It might sound simple, but simple is just what this wholesale food and supply delivery service industry needs today. Ordering supplies has never been easier and that means small restaurants have much more time to dedicate to their customers happiness and ultimately their food’s quality. Food distributors in San Francisco have already made a massive impact through next-day, app-based delivery and their services continue to spread eastward.

There’s a few startups offering similar services to small businesses and many are also focusing on sustainability. Transporting food long distances simply doesn’t make economic or environmental sense. It’s expensive, time-consuming and just bad for business.

Ultimately, the new model of food distribution apps is serving the small business restaurant world in a way we’ve never seen before. Opportunities for profit are skyrocketing and this just goes to show the importance of automation in all types of businesses today.

The Future of Food Distribution Is Bright

We’re entering a new era of small business success. While the past few years have been all about the impact of big-name businesses on our lives – the tide is turning. New startups such as Cheetah and the smaller-scale food distribution apps show us just how profitable small restaurants can be when they empower their systems with next level technologies.

Smart technology isn’t only for the big players in the industry. It’s something almost any business can access and it frees up countless hours for more productivity. If your small to medium-sized restaurant has been looking for an effective, money-saving solution, explore online or in the google play store for a food distribution app that works in your local area. Finding fresh, local ingredients at the right price has never been easier.