It’s often challenging to comprehend your own feelings and when it comes to figuring out frank emotions of others it becomes even more complicated. Being conscious of someone likes you is a delight for each girl. It gives us more determination and satisfaction, leaving behind agonizing torments of doubt. But how can you recognize if the guy has a crush on you? To solve this riddle you just need to be observant enough and analyze his behavior. A man who is in love will definitely give signs unconsciously.

Maintains Eye Contact

A guy who is into you will put lots of efforts to draw your interest and while communication you will notice that he looks directly into your eyes. In case the man is maintaining eye contact and gazes shamelessly at your face it is a positive sign. After all, he yearns to look at the object of adoration to study her facial expression and the way she looks. Eyes are the mirror of our souls, so be watchful. But don’t pay attention to signs of rich men dating their women. You may get into trouble!

Nagging Desire to Help You

The suggestion is flawless if you’re are hanging out in a company of friends or are at the crowded party. If you are doubtful about the guy’s attitude then you can try to draw his attention.  For example, tell him you would like to drink something and move away from the people. Wait for a while. If he goes with you,  then you’re lucky.  Generally, if the man fancies you, he won’t leave the opportunity to chat with you face to face or give you a hand of help. And remember: confidence is important.

Tries to Touch You

In case the guy really adores you, he will find the ways to touch you. Of course, it doesn’t mean he would try to kiss you immediately, but unconsciously he would look for the ways to be more close to you. For instance, he may take the hair from your face, touch your hand or give you a friendly hug. Unlikely a person who hates you will act that way. By touching you slightly, he wants to reveal his feeling and see your reaction.

He Constantly Smiles

There is nothing strange when someone is smiling, it’s rather a typical thing while communication. However you should bear in mind, that not only smiling is a way to attract individuals but it also indicates attraction. If you often meet the guy and each time while speaking with you his broad smile beams like a sun ray, it can mean that maybe he’s really extremely pleased to see you.

Unfortunately, men often don’t know how to express their feelings directly, so it becomes quite challenging to understand if you draw them. Besides, some of the men may be too modest to speak straightforward. But they give lots of signs and if you’re mindful and patient enough everything becomes clear.