Today startups are changing the world we live in and offer solutions for the problems that need the innovative approach. Startups in every country have already gained the status of game changes that make life easier for millions of people worldwide. Canada and Canadian tech startups are no exception. Today we will talk about some of the most interesting, helpful, or innovative startups that are developing in Canada as we speak. However, these startups are not the only ones that put Canada on the front lines of the global innovative means. The startup community in Canada is quite large and these companies represent only a fraction of it, however, we think that these are the ones you need to know about for sure in 2019.


A lot of notable Startups are operating in the finance field and are offering solutions that are the long time needed in the financial or banking sector. One of the most successful startups with this mission is Clearbanc. Established in 2015 Clearbanc managed to raise 200M CAD in funding in 2018 to offer services and solutions as an alternative of traditional financial services. The startup is for small businesses and entrepreneurs with online services and helps them with proprietary technology to provide more convenient, revenue based and efficient financing to them.

Arrow Games

Not all startups are made to directly solve important issues and offer solutions for everyday problems. Some of them are made to do it the fun way. Arrow Games is a tech startup that provides software for various types of online casino games. Headquartered in Ontario, the company is the largest supplier of gaming products to the Canadian community of gamers. It works with the charitable and social gaming organizations to focus on competition, profitability and of course, fun. The company offers multiple variations of custom gaming solutions and constantly works to enrich its selection. is a startup that intends to make everyday life easier for one of us. It provides a virtual office assistant for making our working days more organized and efficient. The virtual assistant automates everyday tasks such as searching for files for us, generating documents, scheduling meetings, and many other small tasks that in fact take a lot of time from our working hours. As it is very convenient to use, was not left without needed attention, it has won some award, expanded in the USA and in Europe and raised 5.3 million CAD in funding.


It is another interesting Startup coming from Ottawa. Today we all understand the importance of data and making decisions based on the data analysis. However, it is not an easy task for someone with no relevant education background and skills. Klipfolio tries to solve exactly this problem by providing the real-time dashboards that help teams to make decisions based on the data without the need for technical or programming skills. The startup was founded in 2001 and raised 12 million CAD in the last funding round in 2017.