Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pelecoin – Low-Risk Cryptocurrency Platform | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’ve haven’t heard the loud rumbling being generated by the cryptocurrency wave, then there’s a good chance you’re living under a rock. While some are jumping on the freight train...

5 Trends We’ll See at CES 2018

 By: Nick Gambino With the largest and most exciting tech show of the year upon us, we here at NewsWatch are packing our bags and checking our flight itineraries as we prep...

This is the World’s Tiniest Cell Phone

By: Nick Gambino Remember just a couple of years back when cell phone companies were in a race to see who could create the smallest phone? Luckily, most abandoned this trend before...
Windows 10

Printed Photos Can Fool Windows 10’s Face Authentication

By: Nick Gambino A lot has been made about the new iPhone X and its robust facial recognition software known as Face ID. The system has proven to be very reliable and...

New AirPods Reportedly Dropping in 2018

By: Bryan Tropeano As AirPods are flying off the shelves and in fact, sold out for Christmas, a new rumor is swirling that Apple is planning to release new AirPods in 2018. This...
qi charger

Best Novelties for Mobile Phones 2017: Qi Charger

Qi means energy flow in Chinese and is a universal wireless charger for all devices that operate with a battery. Basically, you can use a qi charger for any device from...
future technologies

How New Technologies Are Changing the Online Gaming World

By: Bryan Tropeano Gambling is one of the very few entertainment sources which isn't completely eroded by time. It also serves as a great source of a hobby for some set of...
useful tech

Useful Tech You Can Buy for Under $5

By: Bryan Tropeano Looking for a new tech add-on plaything on a minimal budget or an inexpensive gift idea? We hope that you already found some good deals for Cyber Monday, but...
solar panels

What You Need to Know About Safe Solar Panel Installation

By: Megan Ray Nichols Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your home? If so, you’re probably aware of the many benefits they provide, but you might be less informed about...
Nu Carevideo

Nu-Care – Wearable Heating Solution for Women on Their Cycle | NewsWatch

Consumer Update Ladies, when that time of the month rolls around, we know just how painful it can be. Menstrual cramps are no joke. While we’ve found different methods of coping throughout...
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Instagram Adds “Last Active” Feature to DMs

By: Nick Gambino Another day, another hindrance to social media stalking without the fear of being caught. Instagram just added a feature to their app...

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