Friday, October 19, 2018
Keep Your Plants Alive with Plant Hero

Keep Your Plants Alive with Plant Hero

By: Nick Gambino Keeping plants alive inside my home has proven a futile task and at 32 years old I don’t see myself magically developing a green thumb. It’s not that I...

Are Smartphones the Future of Photography?

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile PCs are continually replacing other devices, and the camera could be next. For the layperson, the smartphone has already replaced point-and-shoot cameras —...

OptiFi – Merging Technology and Traditional Investing | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report With the merging of technology and traditional investing, those looking to invest and grow their funds have easy access to do so. Not only is it convenient but there’s peace...
Hyrdogen ONE smartphone

Everything to Know About RED Hydrogen One Phone

By: Nick Gambino It seems like it’s taken just short of forever for RED to release their long-ago-announced Hydrogen One smartphone, and with the recent announcement that they were moving the release...

The Difference Between On-Device and Cloud-AI: Which is Right for You?

We use artificial intelligence daily, probably without being aware that we're using AI. Google Maps, Gmail, Paypal and Uber apps, are just a few of the many examples. So, when it...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Now Bilingual

By: Nick Gambino Google’s resident voice assistant aptly titled “Google Assistant” just picked up a new trick that might just woo consumers away from the Amazon Echo. The assistant, and therefore Google...

NeuShield – Additional Protection to Your Existing Antivirus Software | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of ransomware?  In case you don’t know, ransomware is a form of cyberhacking that attempts to infect a device and...

Polyup – Who Knew Math Could be So Fun | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Math is at the core of everything we do. It’s important to understand the fundamentals of math for lifelong success, but it’s one of those subjects that can be intimidating...

DJI Ronin-S | NewsWatch Review

We used the Ronin-S to capture on-the-go movement. With the utilization of the Ronin-S, it provides professional stability for every destination. Its detachable, modular design makes for a simple fit inside a...

EEEKit – Smart Outlet for Your Electronics | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Are you still using old-fashioned outlets in your home? You know the ones I’m talking about, where you have to physically unplug from the outlet to turn off the power....
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Apple Reveals 3 New iPhones

      By: Nick Gambino After months and months of speculation, Apple finally unveiled this year’s line-up of iPhones at a special event on Wednesday. The...

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