IbbleObble – An Educationally Fun and Engaging App for Kids | NewsWatch Review


Math can be a lot of fun, but for some, getting over the challenge of understanding the basics can be very difficult. Well, what if we could start making math as fun as a game?

Well, now you can with IbbleObble’s series of educational apps which are carefully designed to be a fun and engaging school resource for kids aged 4 and up. They have 7 apps that help strengthen vocabulary, build confidence, and learn math problem-solving skills.

They use a simple multiple choice flashcard technique, designed with little hands in mind. You can get your little one started with Words and Patterns with Ibbleobble or dive right into their math apps which include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and sequences.

For best results, why not buy the whole collection, Ibbleobble Clever clogs app bundle?

The series of apps is based around seven young children who put their thinking caps on and become their alter ego animals such as Mr. Mousey, Lola the Chicken, and Nancy the Sheep.

All IbbleObble’s apps are available on all iOS devices with one single purchase. This way children can play and learn on the go with their iPhone, iPod, or iPad or on the big screen of the Apple TV.

So far the most popular game IbbleObble’s Multiplication app.

Complete with fun, relatable learning techniques and 7 levels of difficulty, this app encourages kids to learn multiplication times tables at their own pace or race against the clock! Math drills have never been so much fun.

Encourage your child by searching for IbbleObble apps in the App Store today.