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Today video games are one of the best ways to spend a few free hours and have fun. Each player comes to this world with a specific goal, namely in search of something special, something that is his cup of tea. Some are looking for friends here, others — for vivid emotions and still others want to be Bruce Almighty and control albeit virtual, but still empires.

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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Video Games So Much

  • Stress relief

Video games are a great substitute for sedatives. Have you been pissed off by a boss, partner, friend? Do you fly off the handle, but sorry for the expensive table lamp? In this case, it’s the video game that is the ideal way to vent anger! And the crueler it is, the better. Therefore, you should start playing all our favorite video games, such as “Mortal Kombat”, “DOOM”, “Serious Sam” and destroy everything around. Satisfaction and relaxation will come instantly, and the plates will remain intact. You can read more about stress management methods here.

  • Communication

Online video games are a great way to make new friends because at least, you already have one common interest — the love for games. Moreover, joint long trips to the dungeon are well suited to communication. Also, gamers regularly hold various fan meetings where they can get to know their online friends and discover new facets of good old acquaintances.

  • Ability to become anyone

Everyone had dreams in childhood. One wanted to become an astronaut, the other a magician, the third Sherlock Holmes. Glory to the ubiquitous computers which gave us this opportunity. Once you just rummage around the vastness of Steam, all dreams of far-distant outer space come true.

You can be a bloodthirsty killer in “Dead by Daylight”, a zone explorer in “Stalker” or an adventurer in “Uncharted”. It all depends on personal preferences. And to reach a new level of transformation into a hero will help cosplay — a fairly popular activity among gamers.

  • Unforgettable emotions and bright visual component

What games have in abundance is the emotional load. It is hard to stay indifferent and no matter which genre you prefer — rampant shooters or smooth indie games. You can experience the full range of emotions from real horror to sincere happiness, and sometimes these emotions are found in the same game. Besides, the graphics of the game is almost its most important component, which plays a much more significant role than the plot and gameplay.

video games

  • Competition

For some of us, the competitive aspect is one of the most important in life. In childhood, we compete with classmates in academic performance or sports achievements, becoming older — in independence, career, and so on. The healthy spirit of competition pushes to develop and become better. The same thing happens in video games. You can compete with both artificial intelligence and real people online. Also, we should not forget about the existence of cybersports.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that video games are just entertainment that should not take away all your free time, and also not divert you from important problems.