With the imminent arrival of Disney+, many people are wondering what the future of Netflix will be and some analysts even get to bet, with or without the offers of, on the inability by the company founded in 1997 to survive in the long term.

Certainly, Disney’s firepower is incredible: obviously not only because of the films and the animated series created by the house of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but also the whole range of materials by Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm, without forgetting the very recent acquisition of Fox by the Disney company.

One aspect is certainly obvious: Netflix, in order to be a valid contender against Disney+, will not be able to count merely on their own productions. It would really be an unequal war and the company would indeed risk being dragged out of the market.

However, it seems that the management of the company is already moving to create new important partnerships and have powerful allies with whom to prepare for the “Streaming War”. The first major new alliance that Netflix has signed is with World Wrestling Entertainment, the world’s largest wrestling federation led by the McMahon family and with an intercontinental audience.

The agreement has already resulted in the creation of various products for Netflix.  The first is “The Main Event”, a family-oriented film that will feature several superstars of the WWE like Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Sheamus, Keith Lee, Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, Bray Wyatt and many others. It is said that even John Cena, who for some years now has been caught up in his career as an actor, will have a little cameo in the film. The rumors report that Keith Lee will be the main protagonist while Babatunde Aiyegbusi has been chosen as the main villain of the story.

“The Main Event” tells the story of a ten-year-old boy who is bullied, but who has the dream of becoming a WWE Superstar when he grows up. He discovers a magic mask that brings him into the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. The film’s premiere is scheduled on Netflix for 2020. The cast also includes Seth Carr, Tichina Arnold, Ken Marino and Adam Pally.

On the other hand, the second production of the WWE – Netflix agreement will be a series called The Big Show Show. A powerful-sounding title for a production whose main character is going to be the Big Show, or rather Paul Wight, as this is the real name of the WWE wrestler who in the Netflix show will simply play himself.

In fact, the story uses a pretext to talk about the real daily life of the wrestler: Big Show has given up his professional career, retiring from wrestling, so that he can finally rest and enjoy some free time between hobbies, relaxation and family… until his teenage daughter comes to live with him, upsetting his plans and his routine.

The first season, which consists of ten episodes lasting 30 minutes each, is in production during the month of August and will arrive on Netflix in early 2020.

The first brick of the new Netflix has therefore been put, although in order to counterbalance the overwhelming Disney power, the superstars of WWE will probably not be enough.