Here at NewsWatch we strive to bring you the best in tech, entertainment and reviews, whether it is through our award-winning TV show or right here on our website. Becoming a leader in the arena of tech media doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s been 30 years in the making.

NewsWatch TV has seen exponential growth in the past three decades but none more so than in the past five years. Our success has not gone unnoticed as we just received word that we placed in the top 1,000 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.!

Earning a spot on this prestigious list is an honor in itself, but placing anywhere in the top 1000 sees us in rarefied company. Since its inception, the Inc. 5000 list has featured a number of notable companies like Microsoft, Dell, LinkedIn and Yelp.

“The companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 have followed so many different paths to success,” said Inc. editor in chief James Ledbetter. “There’s no single course you can follow or investment you can take that will guarantee this kind of spectacular growth. But what they have in common is persistence and seizing opportunities.”

Staying ahead of the curve and recognizing tech trends when they’re still on the horizon has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of an unwieldy industry that has yet to be tamed. We use our keen insight to regularly report on the next wave of mobile apps and innovative tech gadgets that we think would benefit the consumer the most. It’s this kind of consumer-friendly reporting which has allowed us unprecedented growth these past few years.

“Companies that made the list, on average, have grown sixfold since 2015,” Ledbetter said in a congratulations letter to NewsWatch TV Reviews. “During a stretch when the economy grew just 12 percent, that’s a result most businesses could only dream of.”

Carving out our own niche and helping other great business receive nationwide exposure has been our goal these past thirty years, and we’re happy that this has been an exciting avenue for our growth, but also the growth of our clients! Our employees innovative thinking and willingness to push the boundaries on what is possible has allowed us to keep pushing toward new plateaus of success. And while no end destination is in sight, as we are always striving to innovate and create more avenues for our clients, the journey so far has been a blast.

We don’t do what we do for the recognition, though we’d be lying if we said it doesn’t feel good. We appreciate all the NewsWatchers out there that have contributed to this incredible milestone by tuning in and clicking through, as well as the amazing companies we have been able to feature on our show. Our success is your success.