In a highly social world, being an introvert can be a challenge, especially if your goals involve joining the digital market, whether as a blogger or a retailer branching out. Fortunately, that same market is here to help with a range of solutions, practical and creative, that can build your confidence and business. A tailored, stress-free plan is an introvert’s best friend, so explore what resources feel right to you and calmly make your way to success, one step at a time.

Get comfortable

Everyone has days when their drive fails them, and a positive voice is nowhere in sight. To prevent this from happening while trying to establish or upgrade a business, your phone has access to several motivational apps designed to be your personal digital life coach. One such program, Wonderful Day, counts your completed daily goals – go for a run, update your business’s social media, make a new connection – as a chain of green dots. Your aim is to not break that chain.

If all you need is an inspiration and you enjoy watching videos in your spare time, there is nothing better than the TED app to discover exceptional presentations and motivational speeches. Technology, entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, psychology and spirituality: all that might interest an ambitious introvert can be found among the app’s collection of over 3,000 existing TED Talks. Here, it wouldn’t be an algorithm that motivates you, but people generously sharing their invaluable experiences and knowledge.

But there are always those nagging questions in an entrepreneur’s mind: Was this choice a wise one? Will that investment pays off? Friends, colleagues or business experts can often be too polite or distant for helpful answers – and sometimes the guidance you need is in unexpected places. Clairvoyants and Tarot Readers on TheCircle, for example, are helpful and professional people armed with psychic intuition that can yield surprising clues to clarify your business’s potential, as well as deciphering the meaning to your own.


Once your confidence has found its strong, well-supported footing, any subsequent decision-making will prove easier to tackle. With another wide selection of digital business management tools by your side, smoothly running a company should become second nature. It is essential, however, that you keep up-to-date with your industry. Regularly visit websites like Stanley Bing and its analysis of corporate matters for news on consumer behaviors, leadership standards or even the evolution of business throughout the ages.

For more specialized assistance, there are even better apps to check out. Online marketing, for example, a top and complex priority of any 21st-century business, can be managed through a few efficient programs in the palm of your hand. Buffer can schedule posts for all of your social media profiles, Mention notifies you when any of your brand’s chosen keywords are used online, and Shopify is perfect for e-commerce, allowing you to organize orders, listings, stock and customer interactions. Whatever your business needs, there is most likely an app or website for it.

Focus, enthusiasm and a degree of social skills are beneficial to developing a healthy customer-focused digital enterprise and modern technology can certainly help with all these aspects. Managing a business can now be fun, not feared.