An undercut haircut for ladies is considered as one of the modest trends in 2019. It is a fantastic type of hairstyle that features one or both temple areas trimmed extremely short or completely shaven clean. Though it has remained to be a common men’s haircut, women are keeping the trend of undercuts.

This undercut can be styled on long, medium, and short hair. Well, this is not a haircut for everyone. Some ladies will not dare cut their hair that short as this hairstyle demands. However, for those who are brave enough to rock this daring hairstyle, you can add an extra edge to your appearance. After all, when you cut your hair, it will always grow, so there is no need to panic. Again, if your hairstylist advises you not to go for an undercut, you can avoid it, and choose an alternative of this hairstyle. So, let’s check some of the chicest haircuts we have this year.

  1. Mulberry Sprite.

Getting rid of the manes underneath the parietal area gives a de-bulking effect. Braiding the excess hair is an excellent way to reveal the under. Cut to give way to the ears, but with a long point framing of face, this haircut looks edgy and chic as well.

  1. Modernised Bowl Cut.

Undercut looks like this one offers a contemporary update to the classic shape of bowl haircut. Styling the clipped hair underneath the surface shape offers a thin silhouette that sways over the disconnected area. The bold green colour and trimmed edges highlight the organic outline of the loose hair.

  1. Secrete Hair Tattoo.

With undercut styles, you can try different designs. For instance, in this hair, the undercut creates an eye-appealing design of the tattoo. This beautiful effect is effortless to customise using your preferred shapes. It is great for the ladies who play as hard as they work. In addition, you can choose either to cover it or reveal it. The choice is yours.

  1. Undercut Pixie.

This gorgeous spritely haircut is all about piecey tips and beautiful points. Trimmed sides and the nape allows the soft platinum curtain on the top to fall in adorable wisps and ends. Normally, hairstylists use layers to sculpt strands. The undercut leaves the surface flat and smooth.

  1. Plum Shaded Crest.

While most women are afraid that cutting their hair will make them look less feminine, cropped lengths highlight delicacy. Shaved haircuts for ladies exude both prettiness and power. Incorporating a lovely orchid colour tips the scale to make your style more feminine.

  1. Unconventional Mermaid.

Give your hair a sea-like look with rippling waves and oceanic colours of neon and shaved scales. The bold yellow colour melts seamlessly into light green and blue in the perfectly styled undercut. Women looking for something fresh without compromising on the length have this hairstyle as their inspiration.

  1. Boyish Undercut Haircut.

While it is not a must to create undercuts that are androgynous, you don’t lose anything if you opt for one. For the ladies who like gamine beauty, a classic pixie-bob haircut shape is an ideal one to choose.

  1. Pronged Bowl Cut.

After disappearing for some years, short rounded shaped haircuts for ladies are making a big comeback. However, the modern styles have little bearing with the common retro counterparts, which were more conservative. The dispersed edges come up with sharp points over the bowl perimeter. Carving the hairline away creates a great outline.

  1. Sky Blue Screen.

Creating a more feminine haircut nowadays is easier and less complicated. And there is no as simple way to achieve that than to use this hairstyle. Ladies who rock this style express many sides of their looks, bringing together playful, classic, and rebellious aspects through the bob outline, side shaved hair, and baby blue colour.

  1. Pretty Rebel.

For the better part of the twenty-first century, long hair undercut was something unheard of. However, it is now on-trend and every lady seems to copy it. We admire the way this new trend adds an element of defiance to adorable style like extended blonde locks. The carved striped styled across the sides adds sportiness. It is a killer look every lady should try this year.