If you wish to furnish your living room space a refreshed look or to highlight the wall with new decor in your bedroom, you should consider using metal prints. Metal surfaces offer a polished and sophisticated look that many other surfaces such as canvases lack. A growing number of Canadians are using metal prints over traditional photographic prints for their home or office space. The reason is that the conventional canvas gets damaged easily due to the insulated conditions in Canadian homes during the winters. Just as digital photographs have taken over the photo films, metal prints Canadais a much better alternative to paper prints.

Here are some of the top benefits of using metal prints –

Modern Look 

HD metal prints are printed on highly durable metal sheets that eliminate the need to use a frame. Besides, the modern contemporary display allows you to save thousands of Canadian dollars on framing, and yet get a contemporary look. There is also no need for using any UV glasses or acrylic sheet and use the metal print as it is. The metal print gives your artwork or your photos a floating effect that looks great on any wall it is put up.


The metal used in metal printing in Canada is usually aluminum, and there is no need for any additional frame as they remain sturdy on their own. It means that even large-sized prints are lightweight. Thus, they can be transported easily from one part of Canada to another in case you are relocating. You can even use hanging strips to hang them around your house without the need for nails. You can also remove it from time to time and clean it before hanging them again.

Long-Lasting and Maintenance Free

Typical paper prints will slowly fade away after a few years of usage. Metal prints, on the other hand, do not fade even if they are kept under direct exposure to heat, e.g., in a sunroom or the kitchen. Metal prints can last for more than 100 years and will remain as good as new for longer. When you choose metal prints in Canada, you will be able to save money in the long run as they need minimum maintenance.

Moisture-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant

Unlike canvas prints, metal prints are resistant to moisture. Metals are non-porous materials and are perfect for humid places such as Central Canada that is more humid than the rest of the country. If you have tried cleaning printed surfaces before, you must have wiped off some color from it too. But you won’t have the same problem with metal prints. In case of any dirty scratch marks on the metal prints, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Thus, you do not want to bother about damaging your metal prints as they will remain pristine for a long time.


Metal prints are highly customizable, and you can customize them according to your vision. You can choose from different sizes of aluminum, depending on the needs of your space. The primary thing you need to do is pick the kind of aluminum you want – white or natural aluminum. Then, choose from different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish.

Metal prints are costlier than traditional printing methods, but offers great value for your money. You can have your wall decor ready at a fraction of the cost of a conventional canvas photo print since you do not need to frame the photo that can add to the total cost. Use a professional printing company in Canada so that the metal printing is done correctly, and it is something that you will cherish for many years to come.