Carica App – The Ultimate App for Deepfakes | NewsWatch Review


Deepfakes are currently sweeping the internet, with convincing fake videos where one person’s face is wrapped around another’s.

Well, what’s next for deepfakes? That’s easy – it’s the Carica app.  Carica allows users to insert their own face into a ton of different GIFs from your favorite movies and pop culture moments.

Watch yourself become a superhero, a model, a baby, a famous movie star, or just about anyone. Deepfakes are now at your fingertips without the need for massive computing power.

The app is super simple to use. Simply take a selfie or upload one from your photo library. The advanced machine learning and graphics tech will get to work generating a 3D face swap. Once done you’ll be able to see yourself as a star in your favorite GIF.

Carica is constantly updated with new and exciting features. They’re planning to roll out a long video format in the near future so you can watch yourself become the protagonist in a full video clip, not only a GIF.

Create your very own deepfake and discover your other self by downloading the Carica app today in the Google Play or App Store.