Have you ever paid more on a sub-par glass of wine and felt like schnookered? Or simply got overwhelmed by the sheer wine selection? Despite its myriad of health benefits, wines can be really a headache even before your buzz set in.

Good thing, there are top-rated and cool mobile apps for all oenophiles and soon-to-be wine enthusiasts out there! Whether you’re dining in a local resto in your hometown or traveling abroad, the apps listed here would surely streamline your entire wine experience!

Cellar Tracker

Cellar Tracker is an award-winning app that can organize and keep track of your wine collection. Android and iOS users can look up to a database with approximately 5.9 million tasting notes and more than two million wines from professional contributors and wine community.

Every user can log their wines. The best part is that the app has barcode scanning features, in case you wrongly inputted your wine labels. It’s a free app. But if you’d like to access automatic collection valuation and professional reviews, you’ll have to be a premium subscriber.


If you’re looking for apps with the nest wine label recognition, then download Delectable. Both Android and iOS users can check ratings, tasting notes, or reviews of a specific vintage vino all from a picture of that wine’s label, thanks to its label-scanning feature.

This free app can serve as a discovery tool, as well. Users can follow the news feeds of popular winemakers, wine pros, and sommeliers. When going to other countries, you can use it to scout the best vintages in the area. You could also use it as your personal wine journal.


Delectable is also making its way into online wine sales with the help of its dedicated app Banquet. This free app allows Android and iOS users to purchase wines online from around 22,000 independent wine retailers in the US with easy payment through Google/Apple pay.

You can choose wines from a collection of vintages or bargain bottles, which are all rated by your fellow wine enthusiasts through Delectable. They’re all available for pickup in-store across 43 US states, or you can have them shipped right to your door.


As its name implies, Wine-Searcher is another wine label recognition app that can pull up information about a wine’s rating, grape variety, and rating. Like Delectable and other apps, it can serve as a personal wine journal, tasting notes, and GPS-based store finder.

Its pricing and availability database feature makes it stand out more than other wine companion apps, though.  It allows Android and iOS users to look for vinos that can fit their budget. This free app brings up the first 50 search results. But if you want to add filters and enjoy its other advanced features, you have to avail of its premium subscription.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

It’s already known that red wine has some beneficial properties, mainly in your health. Moderately consuming red wine can protect your heart, lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk, inhibit oral bacteria, and reduce unhealthy effects.

All of this myriad of health benefits are summarized in this companion app called Health Benefits of Red Wine.  It was published way back in 2018 under the category Free Health & Fitness APP. It only requires at least Android 4.1+, so anyone with smartphones can have access to it.

Decanter Know Your Wine

Similar to Health Benefits of Red Wine, Decanter Know Your Wine is a learning app that teaches oenophiles and budding sommeliers alike about wine. In this app, you can learn about the fundamentals of wine using the spaced repetition teaching method.

It’s an app that mainly works on iOS devices only. It offers ten short informational modules about different wine grapes, regional varieties, and many more, which are all for free. If you want to learn more, you can avail a premium subscription or in-app purchases.

Wine Ring

Wine Ring records your ratings for various wines that you’ve tasted. Then, the ratings that it had taken into account will be used as its basis to generate recommendations for you. Specifically, it’s an app that utilizes learning – and predictive-algorithms in recommending wines based on a user’s personalized taste.

Like any other companion wine app, it can also function as a wine journal. Android and iOS users can explore various wine pairings by the best sommelier in the area or check out wine recommendations for your circle of friends who are also using Wine Ring.

Wine Picker

Let’s say you want a glass of wine, so you went to a restaurant. But the employees of the place seemed to be busy and slow. You don’t want to waste any moment waiting for them to assist you. Either you want to move to another customer-friendly resto or pick the best wine from a resto’s food list, the  Wine Picker might be more your speed.

Android and iOS users can choose a restaurant, input their meal budget, and set their food pairing. Then the Wine Picker will show five wine recommendations from that resto’s menu. Alternatively, you can pick a wine from a resto’s food list, and then the app will recommend food pairings. Users can also look up to nearby places that have their favorite vino.