Finns are known as enthusiastic gamblers, with Finland being a part of the worldwide casino craze. The total revenue of Finland monopoly is an incredible 3,2 billion Euro per year.

The country is part of the European Union with over five million citizens and tourists walking and exploring it, saying it’s an incredible place to live and visit. Finns enjoy the high standard of life in their country. This, along with the good economy has made gambling one of the Finns’ favorite ways to spend their money. In fact, gambling and especially NetEnt kasinot ja pelit has become a part of the citizens’ everyday lifestyle, which is why casinos have a reason plus to focus on the region.

The monopoly gaming sector in the state of Finland is a modern successful story that could be a great model for other countries. Veikkaus is a Finish state-owned company that operates all gambling activities in the country. It provides 20 different kinds of games like football pools, fixed odd betting, scratch tickets, and the Finnish national lottery which is extremely popular among the citizens.

What’s interesting is that the company is managed by the Ministry of Education in Finland, so the profit from its operation is channeled back to it. When it comes to the rules of the games, The Ministry of Internal Affairs holds the responsibility.

Therefore, one of the main reasons why gambling has become one of the most popular leisure activities in Finland over the course of years is because the state has managed to establish gambling as a beneficial activity for the common good. How come?

Well, the old marketing slogan of gambling in Finland says that when someone loses a bet, another one always wins. In other words, your gambling loss will still benefit another Finn.

That’s because revenues are funneled to good causes, with the Helsinki Casino proudly advertising that “It’s the only Casino in the world where all the revenue goes to charity.”

What’s unusual is that there are only 16 locations across Finland managed by Veikkaus, which is why you’re unlikely to pass a physical casino. Just to compare, that number in the UK is whopping 140.

To be more precise, there are only 2 legal land-based casinos in Finland today, one of them being the Grand Casino Helsinki. As it seems, there’ll be little growth in that area for 2020. But, Finns can gamble in other places than just casinos. At the present time, there are more than 76 gaming arcades, over 30,000 slot machines, and over 250 restaurants that offer casino table games. If you think that slots are a minority interest, you’re wrong.

Veikkaus exists alongside an online casino scene, which involves companies registered only in other EU countries. Most of these companies are based in Malta whose licensed casinos offer a Finnish customer service and a Finish site, both of them known as a Finnish casino.

Thanks to online gambling, this activity has become the most popular leisure activity in 2020 in Finland. One downside of the increased popularity of gambling is the incidence of problem gambling. Some game types like casino games, slot machine gambling, betting games, poker, scratch games, and bingo have been linked to gambling-related problems. However, experts believe that some types of game are not critical factors linked to gambling-related problems, but indicators of unhealthy gambling involvement.

In fact, Veikkaus state on its website that the goal of its strategy for 2019 to 2021 is to build an operator that’d be successful in international competition, while providing Finns exciting and fun games safely and reliably.