M1 SmartCoach – Go -To App for Youth Basketball Players | NewsWatch Review


For youth athletes looking to excel in their sport, it takes hours and hours of practice. And not just practice, but practicing the correct fundamentals.

Well, the M1 SmartCoach is the go-to app for youth basketball players looking to take their game to the next level.

This innovative AI-powered basketball shooting coach is the first mobile app on the market that turns your smartphone into the most trusted coach in the game.

The proprietary artificial intelligence platform that drives M1 SmartCoach has been trained by decades of basketball shooting experience layered on top of data from thousands of shots.

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The smartphone studies video of athlete shooting mechanics learns how they shoot and provides custom coaching tips to help improve users’ game.

It’s simple. You record yourself taking the shot using your phone’s camera.

M1 SmartCoach will evaluate your shot using its built-in AI and provide real-time coaching insights and instruction.

Using the training plan custom built by the SmartCoach, athletes from 10 years old and up can continue to work toward becoming elite athletes.

And with experts designing the app and in-app coaches like NBA shooting coach Mike Malat and Collin Castellaw of Shot Mechanics, you know you’re in good hands.

For more information on M1 SmartCoach, download M1 SmartCoach today on the Google Play or Apple app store.