Want to drive a car? Lacking driving experience? Then you should definitely consider taking a CDL driving course and getting the driving certificate. For that, you need to pass a test successfully. The exam is divided into two parts: theory and driving practice. However, it is not all you need to do to obtain a B class CDL. A medical checkup is also a must for getting a driving document.

Theoretical Exam

The theoretical part of the exam is a written test for knowledge of the driving rules (SDA) of the state where you are applying for a license. This test is not complicated since the driving rules in the USA are designed to simplify the life of the driver and pedestrian as much as possible. The driver’s manual (state traffic regulations) is available free of charge directly at the DMV office. In some states, you also need to attend additional lectures on the damage of alcohol, drugs and traffic safety, as well as pass a test. In case you are not sure to study educational material and driving rules yourself, then you are free to take a class B CDL training at a driving school and gain all the knowledge.

After successfully passing the theory test, the candidate receives “Learner’s permit,” which entitles him/her to drive for some time (two, three, or sometimes 6 months). Such a driver’s license is issued to the student to prepare for a practical exam. Although the “Learner’s permit” document allows you to drive a car during some time, such a license has a number of restrictions, for example, carriage of passengers, unattended driving with a person who has a CDL license, night driving, etc. These restrictions vary from state to state, so make sure to check it yourself.

Ready to Drive a Car?

When you consider yourself ready to take driving (in some states no earlier than after a certain time), you can sign up for an exam at DMV at any convenient time for you. The test is simple for a person who has driving experience; however, it is not a common thing that all people can do. That’s why you should think twice before applying for an individual test. It is always better to play a safe game and have an expert to guide you and explain how to behave on the road. Becoming a student at a driving school, you solve all your problems at once.

  • You study the driving theory and rules easy and fast;
  • You get an expert to guide you during the study process;
  • You obtain sufficient driving experience;
  • You increase your chances to obtain a CDL.

With an expert ready to assist you anytime you need help, you will turn the process of diving into driving theory more effective, smooth, and fast.