VoIP – Make Cheap International Calls with Fanytel


VoIP mobile apps are solving the problem of expensive international calls. It might sound like science fiction, but there was once a time where we had to pay for cell phone minutes and text messages, even if you were just sending a “sup!” to a friend.

Fast forward to present day, you don’t even think about your minutes on the phone or whether you’ve got “free nights and weekends.” At least, that’s true when you’re only making domestic calls. What do the rest of us do when we have to make international calls to our loved ones or co-workers? We’re not all willing (or in the financial position) to pay for a T-Mobile international plan or other similar plans.

For one, a T-Mobile international plan (or insert your carrier here) is expensive. We need a consistent solution that doesn’t break the bank. And no, I’m not talking about using a calling card. The only time you’ll find me using a calling card is if you stepped into a time machine and turned the clock back 20 years.

No, the best option is to use a reliable VoIP mobile app like Fanytel. This top-of-its-class VoIP app allows you to make international calls for a fraction of the price of an international plan (T-Mobile, etc.) or calling card without sacrificing voice quality.

Now VoIP is the solution, but they don’t all offer low pricing. When comparing Fanytel prices with other VoIP competitors, there’s a clear delineation on who offers the cheapest international calls to the most countries. Fanytel has the lowest rates to countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Getting started is relatively simple. Start with – what else – downloading the app. They have both an iOS and Android app, so that should cover most smartphone users. You’ll have to sign up using your phone number next.

To start making calls you’re going to have to buy credits. There are a number of different payment options available, Apple Pay probably being the easiest. Once you’ve purchased enough credits, you’re ready to start making international calls.

You’ll also have the option of buying a unique virtual phone number that is different from your usual number. This is a good way to keep things secure and link up with strangers without worrying about your security.

You can download the Fanytel app in the App Store or Google Play or head to Fanytel.com.