Get Home Safe with Covert Alert


You can never be too safe these days. I’ve been hearing that all my life and it’s become something of a cliché. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. Usually, clichés become clichés because they are rooted in reality. You really can never be “too safe.”

This doesn’t mean you should walk around life afraid of being hurt or attacked, but it does mean you should be prepared lest something does happen. It only takes a single moment to experience lifelong trauma that feels near impossible to walk back from. Proper preparedness can bring about a sense of calm.

The Covert Alert app is a first-of-its kind app that allows the victim of an emergency situation to reach out to emergency contacts and even emergency services with little more than their voice. Statistics show that the average police response time in the U.S. is 10 minutes, while the average interaction between a criminal and a victim is 90 seconds, max. So, it goes without saying, every second counts.

Covert Alert is voice-activated, allowing the user to trigger an emergency alert with specific key words. This “key word activation” is particularly useful if the user is weary of tipping off the attacker. In other words, it works as a “silent alarm.” When Covert Alert is activated, an alert is sent out containing the user’s full name, a pre-written message and their GPS coordinates.

The idea here is to get you home safe with the use of the first alert system that requires nothing more than your voice to activate. An alert is vital, but this GPS tracker app goes further with its ability to record up to 15 minutes of audio during the emergency situation. If faced with a situation that requires immediate assistance this is your first alert recourse.

Now, the primary purpose is to get you home safe when faced with an emergency situation, but the versatile app is programmable for non-emergency situations as well. It’s capable of sending one of two pre-written messages to any contacts of your choosing when activated. This feature doesn’t include the 15-minute recording function as that’s specifically reserved for emergencies.

Again, there’s no need to walk around feeling afraid, especially when you’ve got the comfort of your own security app that seconds as a GPS tracker for your loved ones to find you. This is the first alert and last alert app you’ll ever need. Download Covert Alert in the Google Play or App Store. You can also find out more about this one-of-a-kind GPS tracker app at