The business of betting on sports

It didn’t take long between the mainstream development and widespread use of AI, and creative market applications using the technology to be put into place.

If you associate AI with remote surgery and homeland security upgrades, consider that the technology is also being used to maintain cannabis crops, improve security at sports betting sites, and to even babysit infants.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis farming in the U.S. has gone from furtive illegality to a wildly successful $20 billion industry. Integrating AI into the farming process makes sense, since even minute improvements in the cultivation of this pricey crop can net the farmer millions of dollars in profit per year.

AI is being used to monitor plant health in several ways. This technology uses artificial intelligence applications to water each plant with precision, according to its needs, and even robotically trim the plants. We’re bound to see more AI uses in this industry soon.

Sports Betting

The days of smoke-filled sportsbooks and bookies in plaid hats are fast disappearing. Now we are in a world of sports betting sites, where people deposit money using various deposit methods and then place wagers easily from anywhere in the world.

Naturally, security is of paramount importance in this industry. Such AI applications as facial recognition and improved odds and wager algorithms are making their way steadily into this lucrative business.

Child Monitoring

The latest residential AI application is the use of robotic baby monitoring. No, this robotic technology is not like the maid Irona in the Jetsons, but more like a computer with some near-human capabilities. Think Star Trek.

Small baby monitors can now be clipped to a baby’s onesie. The monitor can detect movement and sounds to determine if they are the normal noises and movements of infant sleep, or if they indicate the child is about to awaken.

Soon, we’ll see clip on temperature gauges and mood assessments. Perhaps even “smart diapers” which tell us the optimal moment to change our child’s nappies.

A Final Word

The final word on the issue of AI applications is that we’re not even close to the final word. As with all new technologies, the frontier is vast and wide-open at the moment, limited only to imagination and funding.

The next few years should bring a flood of AI applications into our homes, workspaces and entertainment environments.