Help Those in Need with the Klava Fund App


There are a lot of people out there that are looking for quick ways to make money either to help support their dream or, in some cases as with the homeless, to survive. In a world that moves further and further away from cash, we need an app that allows the user to send a monetary gift with ease.

Sure, there are apps like Venmo and Square Cash that allow for peer-to-peer payments, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The homeless don’t often have access to apps like that. That’s the idea behind Klava: make it easy to give those in need a monetary gift without any of the complications.

The Klava Fund app was built specifically around the idea of making cashless donations to the homeless without the need for creating a campaign on fundraising sites like GoFundMe. Don’t get me wrong, fundraising sites and similar methods are great, but they don’t allow for continual giving on the spot and in an instant. Let me explain a little bit about how this works.

Say you’re walking by a homeless person and feel the need to give them a monetary gift, but wait, you have no cash on you. What do you do? Well, the Klava Fund app allows a funding initiative to be set up for that homeless person. A unique hashtag and QR code are instantly generated and can be shared across social media. This allows people to send a monetary gift and gives the homeless person a quick way to make money.

But what I like most about this app is that it allows for donations right there on the street by passersby. The homeless person simply needs a printed-out copy of the QR code and as people pass, they scan and donate with the camera on their phone. They have the option of donating $5, $15, $25 or $50. It’s that easy and fully replaces the need for cash to do our part in helping those without a home.

This system is of course applicable to anything you’re looking to fund. It offers quick ways to make money for those who are trying to establish a brand or presence online, or for those who have experienced a tragedy and need the wherewithal to pull through. It takes a matter of seconds to set up a funding initiative and is a lot easier than most fundraising sites.

You can download the free Klava Fund app on your iPhone or Android device in the App Store or Google Play.