Stock Market Investment with Fantasy Sports – Fanvest


A stock market investment is one of the best ways to grow your money using insight into an ever-shifting economic landscape. What if a sports enthusiast could use their knowledge of the world of sports to make similar investments? That kind of system would democratize fantasy sports by rewarding those enthusiasts who have keen insight into the game. That’s exactly what Fanvest is out to do.

The Fanvest Wagering Exchange (Fanvest) was created after years of studying the sports gambling world and all of its economic incentives, infrastructure and esoteric instruments. Through this exhaustive research, the founders realized what was missing was a more intuitive, democratic and exchange-oriented system. You see, the way daily fantasy sports and sportsbooks currently operate, they serve professionals and ice out the other 99% who dedicate way too much time researching, only to lose in the end. With this new system their betting odds go up starting with their first investment.

Fanvest seeks to revolutionize the space and become the new gold standard on sports investments, allowing players’ betting odds to change drastically. It’s a space where players can leverage their sports knowledge and monetize their sports fandom right out the gate with their first investment. And I’m not talking pennies here. The way they have Fanvest structured, players who put in the work will see real-world gain that rewards their insight.

Comparing the Fanvest experience to a stock market investment is a good one because it was borne out of that idea. This is the stock market of sports. It’s DraftKings meets Robinhood.

The platform runs on their own currency known as fanbucks. Players use their fanbucks to do things like trade football teams, much the way they would stocks. (There goes that stock market investment reference again.)

“The top-performing portfolios win real cash prizes,” the Fanvest website reads. “Maximize your returns through strategic trading and by investing in teams that win big each week and throughout the season.”

By rewarding players who make the right sports “stock market investment” based on a real knowledge of the game and how players and teams will perform, Fanvest is creating a level playing field that has never existed in fantasy sports.

Fanvest is set to hit the ground running in September 2020. You can sign up at Once you do that, you can gain fanbucks through referrals. Then simply join a contest and start investing.