Remember the time when Netflix had a list of suggestions ready for your next binge-watching? Of course, you do!

Or have you comeacross a sponsored Ad on Instagram about a product you recently searched?

What does this signify? The AI algorithms aretrying theirlevel best to comprehend your choices! Marketers have stepped up their marketing game through a myriad of techniques lately.Building trust,however,remains the criticalmotive, since a long-term partnership is what they’re looking at.But what does it take to build trust? Let’s find out!

Tapping the power of AI

The first few seconds areall that the brands have; to grab your attention. If theircontent/video doesn’t compel youto hang around, it’s game over. The rest just effacein the eternal abyss that is the internet!

Consider a situation where a customer visits Zara for the first time. According to statistics, 97% of the customersdo not make a purchase on their first visit! A marketing practice called ‘Retargeting’ plays a vital role in such situations, helping build a long-term relationship with the customer.

The same product is pushed through various marketing campaigns,including emails, Ads, messages etc. Retargeting isone of the most intriguing marketing practices. It is known to boost conversion rates by a whopping 150%! Turning a potential lead to a future sale thus gains a good chance,with frequent interactions!

Empathy fuels innovation

Personalized recommendations and product choices do help consumers in their purchase.Thus, there comes a need for marketing to be powerfuland personalized in order to prove themselves as the best fit forthe consumers’ choices. Today, with advancement in technology, it is possible to find thetarget audiencefor brands/products!Personalization goes a long way in helping to generate ROI and pique one’s interest.

A survey by Infosys points out that 86% of consumers believepersonalization has animpact on what they purchase; and a quarter of it admit personalization ‘significantly influences’ their decision of purchase.That said; let’s take Amazon,for instance, its real-time, data-powered dynamic messagingand emailshave taken it to the next level! To top it allthere lies the ‘Frequently bought together’ promptsafter a consumer places a purchase on their website!

Personalization thus helps in leaving animpact on the customers! What better than marketing automation to undertake thisaction? Following are the fourcompelling factors that prove‘Marketing automation helps boost sales’:

  1. In the digital era, where everyone seeks constant growth, the adoption of new technologies is becoming the new norm. Marketing automation would help employees focus on growing their business, saving time and resources in manually working on campaigns, thereby helping them turn profitable.82%of marketers recognized a positive return on investment (ROI) from marketing automation and agreed that it makes them more efficient.
  2. Effective and efficient delivery of personalized experience can be guaranteed, with the help of tailoring messages for each client. Automation can reach out to the leads irrespective of the stage of the customer lifecycle they’re in! Using AI to study patterns in consumer choices, drive personalization, multichannel reach, timing the campaigns, data segmentation, etc. are major positives of leveraging its power. This also helps marketers stay ahead in the game.
  3. With a keen eye on the CRM metrics, and the help of appropriate CRM(Customer Relationship Management) tools, marketing automation gets more relevant and contextual to the customer’s life and needs! In order to nurture the lead’s relationship with the brand, a steady and empathetic approach is of crucial importance! CRM system analyzes trends and other essential data points using a diverse set of CRM metrics that enhance the capabilities of the said strategy. Be it speculating customer behaviour or evaluating the returns on investment, there are endless possibilities with a CRM system.
  4. The marketing automation software such as EngageBay, have numerous beneficial features! For small businesses such tool would be the right fit, as they help you not only build landing pages but also generate business reports. All it takes is just to get started, experiment and define success metrics early! These software’s help streamline activities, and thus make the marketing game even stronger and wittier! Empowering employees to strategically think than perform repetitive tasks ensures self-growth as well as the organization’s growth. Moreover, automation is the future. Marketing automation, in particular with benefits as mentioned above, would help minimize operational costs as well. The performance improvements are real! The empathy in campaigns has amplified too! Thereby, the effective use of marketing automation helps boost sales for businesses.