The Best Math Puzzle App – Garam


There are games that are typically referred to as “time wasters.” It’s not so much a derogatory term as it is a hint at what you can expect when playing. You’re not improving any particularly useful skill. You’re playing to pass the time and kill the boredom.

Then there are brain teasers and mind-bending puzzles that help you exercise that all-important organ that resides in your skull. There are all types of hard puzzles and solution-based apps that force you to use your problem-solving abilities to move on. It’s a great exercise to sharpen your mind. Sudoku is one such math logic puzzle game. These wildly popular adult puzzles are fun and challenging.

Now there’s a new kid on the block that’s looking to be the next Sudoku. Garam is a mathematical adult puzzles app that is blowing minds and winning prestigious awards, namely, the gold medal at Concours Lépine.  In the pantheon of hard puzzles, Garam is one of the hardest without being exclusionary.

Garam App

The rules are pretty simple and if you’re familiar with Sudoku you should be able to pick it up in no time. To play, you fill in the blanks with one digit so that each equation is correct both vertically and horizontally. Two-digit numbers must be read on two squares. If you’ve never played hard puzzles of the math variety this might seem a stiff learning curve, but you’ll get it with a little practice.

The great thing about the series of math logic puzzles in the Garam app is that they are built on a steady gradient. There are over 1,000 grids for you to solve and each is sorted according to its difficulty level. You’ll start off easy, so you don’t break your phone and your brain. This will help you get your footing.

Each level will get increasingly harder, challenging you to become a Garam expert. There’s a Time Attack mode which is a great way to test and improve your solving speed. Of course, that’s not entirely necessary, especially in the beginning.

Don’t let these hard puzzles fool you, they’re not intended to simply make you a math genius. These kinds of adult puzzles are designed to improve your overall problem-solving skills. These skills are applicable to everything in life and, by exercising the muscle, you’ll have them more readily available in your mental arsenal.

You can download the Garam app for free in either the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.