Find Yourself in an Endless Runner with Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape


There’s no better time than right now to get into mobile gaming. We’ve got a lot of downtime on our hands to play games from the comfort of our couch. All of us. Thankfully, we’ve got a little super computer in our pocket with endless games to play, most of them free. One of my favorites are endless runners because they keep going and going and going and I cannot, for the life of me, stop. I’m addicted.

One of the newest endless runners that’s got my attention and time is Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape. This crazy-fun runner game was developed by KrazyKatz Games and includes all the fun and craziness you’ve come to expect in any decent runner.

This particular game has you playing as Uni, a magical unicorn, with energy for days. You’ll run through a fantasy world filled with giant candies, tumbling cookies and enchanted waterfalls. Now, that’s the nice, make-you-feel-good stuff that’ll have you let your guard don’t. I’m here to warn you, don’t. Giant fireballs and enormous rubber balls will appear out of nowhere, looking to knock you off course.

If giant fireballs and killer rubber balls were all you had to worry about, you’d probably be fine, but they’re not. You have to keep your eye out for Uni’s ultimate nemesis, The Red Dragon. This runner game is called “Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape,” after all. What’d you think, there weren’t going to be any dragons?

As you rush through the course, you’ll pick up items and power-ups that’ll help you get further. Power-ups include things like invincible super speed that lets you crash through walls and leap across treacherous gaps. If you collect the super magnet, you’ll collect every coin in your vicinity, even if you don’t rush through them. Then of course there’s the candy multiplier that gives your score a healthy boost.

I haven’t even mentioned the huge pinatas looking to destroy platforms and fire hoops you’ll have to jump through. You know, stuff you’ll probably want to watch out for.

Decent endless runners allow you to switch up characters when you play games and Princess Unicorn is no different. If you don’t want to just play with Uni, you can choose from a plethora of cute and fun characters including a Pinata-inspired unicorn, a Zonkey (combination of Zebra and Donkey) or silver and gold unicorns.

If you’re looking to play games on your phone to pass the time, you can download Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape app for free in the Google Play or App Store.

Download the Princess Unicorn: Dragon Escape app in the Google Play or App Store today.