Save Lives with the !important App


The safest cars on the road are those that not only look out for the passengers inside the car but the pedestrians outside of the car. Despite major technological advances in cars in recent years, we’re still seeing an astronomical 250,000 pedestrian deaths involving cars every year.

Outside of older, used cars, many new cars have safety features built in to help keep pedestrians and the vehicle safe. These are the safest cars out there, but they are still missing one key component to make it safe for everyone. The newest, safest cars, especially self-driving vehicles, have features that help prevent 35% of accidents, but there’s still 65% that needs to be dealt with.

!important app

The !important app looks to close the gap and make your vehicle safe for pedestrians 100% of the time. The vehicle safe app was designed to save lives by not only placing technology in cars but directly on the pedestrian. In other words, it’s like a digital safety belt for the pedestrian, whether they’re walking down the street, on a bike or even for those on a motorcycle.

Here’s how it plays out: the !important mobile app tracks the pedestrian and communicates to nearby cars that have the safety feature installed (read: the safest cars on the road). If the pedestrian crosses in front of the car, the !important app and the installed car technology communicate with one another, stopping the car automatically and saving the pedestrian’s life. This is next-level stuff that you just won’t find in some old used cars.

It’s really genius when you think about it. We’ve been so focused on placing all of the technology in the car, that we’ve done little to extend that safety bridge to the human lives outside the car. By covering both sides of the divide, there’s a chance to potentially eliminate pedestrian fatalities.

!important has made it their mission to save 1 million lives in the next decade. It’s a tall order for sure, but the technology just makes sense and if they can get it implemented to make every vehicle safe, then it’s a real possibility. The sooner they partner with auto manufacturers and get it implemented, making the safest cars on the road, the sooner everyone reaps the benefits. And as time goes on and those cars become used cars, even those who aren’t buying new will have these safety features.

You can download the app in the Google Play or App Store or read more about !important at