iPhone 12

By: Nick Gambino

After Apple delayed the release of the iPhone 12 by a month, we finally got a proper unveiling this week as well as a solid launch date. Instead of releasing 2 or even 3 iPhones, the people in Cupertino decided to hit us with 4 different iPhones.

Here are the basic specs of each iPhone along with pricing and when they’re going to be available for pre-order and shipping. Spoiler: they’re not all releasing at the same time.

iPhone 12

This is the base model from which all other models…model themselves after. Obviously, it’s got a souped up processor (A14) because every new iPhone gets a performance upgrade. And of course, it’s got a better display (OLED) because it’s about time. However, the real pull or sell is its 5G support. Apple is even leading with that fact in all of its marketing.

This is the first iPhone to support 5G or, as some might put it, embrace the future. This means strong cellular connection and better signal for things like video calls, streaming and downloads.

The camera gets a boost and now features Night Mode which should make pictures easier to take after the sun goes down. This guy features a 6.1-inch display, which is the same as last year.

Pre-order date: October 16

Shipping date: October 23

Price: $799 starting

iPhone 12 Mini

This year’s Mini is the first of its kind in the vast pantheon of iPhones. It’s essentially just the iPhone 12 miniaturized to easily fit in your hand and pocket. This little guy clocks in at a mere 5.4 inches, but if Apple is to be believed, it contains the same guts as the regular 12.

Pre-order date: November 6

Shipping date: November 13

Price: $699 starting

iPhone 12 Pro

The Pro series was introduced last year with the release of the 11. It proved to be popular what with its three resident cameras, though the hefty price tag placed it out of reach for most consumers who enjoy three meals a day.

The 12 Pro stays true to its lofty roots. It’s the same size as the 12 (6.1 inches) but is encased in a stainless steel body (as opposed to the 12’s aluminum) and features a brighter display. The real draw, like the 11 Pro before it, is its knock-out camera.