Zip Codes written in search bar on virtual screen

Finding a zip code is very important for different types of companies. The most obvious ones are delivery companies. But these are not the only ones. Marketing companies that use advertising mail require this type of information too.

Individuals and companies looking for these codes in the State of Illinois, can check it on Chicago zip codes. It can be accessed from any electronic device connected to the Internet.

In the United States, zip codes identify different delivery points using a five-digit number. They were conceived in 1963 by the United States Postal Service. ZIP stands for “Zone Improvement Plan.” Without this number, letters and parcels may not reach their destination.

How You Can Use the Online Tool

The tool mentioned above allows finding a specific code in the state of Illinois. It offers three different ways to find this information:

  • A search bar at the top of the site. Here, you just need to type the address in the state of Illinois. The tool will give you the 5-digit number that corresponds to the address that you provided;
  • A list of all the postal regions within the state of Illinois. If you click on “Chicago,” for example, you are taken to a list of all the codes in that city;
  • An interactive map. This is a very useful way to find the codes. You can zoom in and zoom out on the map to find the location of your interest. You will see the subdivision lines of the different postal areas in the state of Illinois. Click on the location you want to see the 5-digit number and the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the place.

As you can see, using the different functions of this tool is very easy and intuitive.

Who Needs This Tool?

Any person that sends a letter or a parcel may need this tool. Sometimes, we may have the address of a friend or relative to whom we want to send a parcel. But without the right code, the parcel may never reach its destination. It is a pity if you sent a wedding gift, for example.  Such a problem can be easily avoided.

Courier companies also need a map of the different codes to plan and optimize their daily delivery routes. They utilize advanced computer software to plan their routes as a combinatorial problem. This problem is referred to as the vehicle routing problem. The solution requires information of all the codes in a given area (the state of Illinois in this case).

Likewise, advertising mail requires a list of the needed codes in the targeted area. This is very important for marketing agencies. Without the code information, the agency cannot estimate correctly the cost of such a campaign.

This tool is accurate, updated, and free. As mentioned before, you just need a device connected to the Internet to access it.