Understand a New Language Instantly with Scan & Translate + Text Grabber


The app has the capability of translating 90 different languages quickly and accurately, covering a large swath of countries around the globe.

It was specifically designed for businesses who need to translate documents, contracts, or other written materials, students who need assistance when studying another language such as Spanish, and tourists who just want to read street signs or menus.

And, it’s incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is take a picture of the text using the resident language translator camera. Then simply press the “Scan” button to activate the camera scanner. The text will then appear on the screen with the option to select the source language and the language you want it translated to.

You’ll have the choice to translate it into any of the 90 languages programmed into the app. Then hit “translation” and the Scan & Translate app will translate it within seconds.

And not only will it translate it for you, but it’ll also give you the correct pronunciation of the words and phrases. You can listen to the full translation simply by hitting “Voice.”

The Scan & Translate app is the perfect app for anyone who needs help understanding a foreign language.

This is simply one of the best translation apps you’ll find anywhere. You can download the Scan & Translate app in the Google Play or App Store today.