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Sports betting has undergone significant transformation over the years. Technological innovations have changed the way punters place their bets. Instead of visiting a bookmaker’s shop, you can use the Betway Mobile App to wager on your favorite sports. To make your bets more accurate, you must do some great research. Some apps provide sports fans with critical information that would make betting more straightforward. Read on to discover the best sport mobile apps in 2020.

Yahoo Sports
If you are looking for a free sports app, Yahoo Sports will appeal to you. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Once you install the app, you will get the latest news on your favorite football leagues.  Users can also use the Yahoo Sports app to watch MLB and NHL games live without a subscription. You will also get the latest news on other games like boxing, tennis, cycling, and cricket. Why you should get it:
 You will get detailed coverage of the top football leagues.
 Users receive tailored updates as per your preferred teams.
 Access to blog content and news posts.

CBS Sports
Sports betting fans on Betway looking for an app that provides the best sports news should
consider the CBS Sports app. The app offers its users tailored updates on match outcomes, analysis,
and statistics. Moreover, you can also stream some sports live, such as PGA Tour and NCAA
Basketball. Users can also listen to CBS Sports Radio live sports broadcasts. Why you should get it:
 You will receive tailored updates.
 Betting fans will get betting advice daily.
 You can also get on-demand highlights of your preferred games.

With this app, you will get live coverage and score updates for around 25 different sports. Users can use this app on their Android smartwatches. Each time there is a goal, you can stream a short video of the replay. Why you should get it:
 You can synchronize it with your android wear smartwatches.

 You can connect with other sports fans through the chat feature.
 It has integrated the Battle Draft game.

LiveScore is one of the favorite apps for punters on Betway. The app has been giving betting fans real-time scores for games since 1998. With the app, you will get the latest football, soccer, hockey, tennis, and basketball scores. Users also get match commentary. Why you should get it:
 Users can start a match to get their live notifications.
 You can track the ball during a game using the pitch view.
 It is easy to follow upcoming games using the calendar functionality.

With this app, you will get coverage of over 30 sports. Users also get coverage of up to 6000 sports events. You will get the latest news, scores, statistics, and table standings. The app gives you real-time updates to ensure you don’t miss the action.

Why you should get it:
 You will get push notifications for your preferred games.
 Users also get live-text commentary on all sports events.
 Punters on Betway can get detailed match previews and post-match analysis.

Final Thoughts
You can access many sports apps from the App Store and the Google Play Store. The sports betting companies have continued to offer innovative features to their clients through mobile apps. If you install any of the apps mentioned in this post, you will have the latest and most accurate sports events coverage.