PureFitPal – Combining Exercises and Nutrition into a Simple Subscription


Most of us want to get fit and healthy but lack the guidance to get there. If only there were an app to tell us exactly what we need to do.

Well, there is. It’s called the PureFitPal app.

Over 30 years of personal training and nutrition experience developed into a single app, PureFitPal is your very own virtual fitness solution that combines exercise and nutrition into a simple subscription.

You’ll focus on three main areas of your health—exercise, meal plans, and supplementation. Simply set up a profile with your age, height, and goal weight. After subscribing, your workouts and meal plan are loaded on the app.

PureFitPal is about simplicity, education, and health. Every workout instructs you with quick video demonstrations from a database of over 350 exercises.

It’s based on a 4-day weekly workout program. New workouts are added every week that include various stretching, strength, & cardio training.

There are options for both gym and home workouts. Your personalized meal plan includes at least 3 options for every meal and snack.

You’ll never have to guess how to train or what to eat ever again. PureFitPal does it all for you.

To get started, just download PureFitPal from the App Store or Google Play today.