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Are you facing issues during sexual intercourse? Have the episodes of inability to erect increased with time? Put your mind at ease because many men face an episodic ED, and if you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, there are ways to treat it.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have difficulties in their relationships and might end up in depression. But it is better to seek medical help as soon as you discover your condition because it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Understanding erectile dysfunction

If your partner or you yourself are facing issues with erection during intercourse, it is no one’s fault. Normally when men are aroused and feel excited, blood flows to the penis and erects the muscles. In erectile dysfunction, men either feel the emotion that intensely or have some disorder inhibiting the blood flow.

Certain causes of erectile dysfunction

Normally sometimes men are unable to erect, and the common causes are tiredness, anxiety, alcohol, physical stress, and even emotional stress. But a frequent inability cabe be due to an underlying disease, and it should be brought into attention,

  1.     Obesity, increased cholesterol, decreased testosterone levels, and hormonal balance.
  2.     Increased age
  3.     Kidney disease
  4.     Cardiovascular disease
  5.     sleep disorder
  6.     Depression and anxiety
  7.     Medication-induced
  8.     Drug abuse increased alcohol consumption and tobacco use.

Is erectile dysfunction something serious

Most men think of it as a normal situational event, which does happen at times. But it is serious when the time span increases. If you want to have sex, you feel aroused, but your erection won’t follow. Then it is something serious.

Mostly erectile dysfunction indicates an underlying disease. Very commonly, it is found to be cardiovascular disease. Also, many researchers have also pointed to the fact that having erectile dysfunction can be the cause of heart disease in men.

Natural ways to help erection

Natural herb has been known to help mankind since the very beginning and before allopathy was introduced. Even though these herbs have been proven the most effective, there isn’t much research and evidence.

1.    Panax Ginseng:

This Chinese root has been known to work the most effectively in erectile dysfunction. There are many types of research that prove the results.

2.    Dehydroepiandrosterone:

A natural hormone found in the body that produces estrogen and progesterone. That aids in an erection.

3.    Rhodiola Rosea:

Known to increase energy and decrease fatigue. But there is not much evidence.

4.    L-arginine:

This compound is known to bind and increase nitrous oxides in proteins which increase erection.

5.    Yohimbe:

This bark extract from the Yohimbe tree has been known to increase sexual activity.

6.    Acupuncture:

It is a technique used in Chinese medicine and has been proven to treat ED very effectively.

How to cure erectile dysfunction allopathically?

When you go to the doctor for erectile dysfunction, they will look into three areas for diagnosis and treatment.

  1.     Difficulty in getting an erection
  2.     Trouble maintaining an erection.
  3.     Loss of sexual desire

Depending on these three keys for diagnosing ED, there are certain medicines that are known to treat erectile dysfunction. Their medications can be ordered online from Numan.

  1. a)     Sildenafil, known as viagra
  2. b)     Tadalafil, known as Cialis
  3. c)     Vardenafil, known as Levitra
  4. d)     Avanafil, known as Stendra


Erectile dysfunction is a disorder for men when the blood flows to the penis when sexually excited. Men incapable of this are also called impotent. This is a medical indicator or a symptom of an underlying disease. The medicines for treatment are available online as well.