AI-Powered App for Parents to Monitor Kids’ Activities – TimeOutIQ


As soon as smartphones and tablets hit the scene, the an ongoing debate about how much recreational screen time kids should spend. The problem isn’t going away either.

Parents are rightly concerned about the mental development of younger kids who spend way too much time with their eyes glued on those tiny screens.

How much time should kids spend on games and social media?

That’s where TimeOutIQ comes in.

TimeOutIQ is the only AI-powered app available that satisfies the need of parents to manage the recreational screen time of their children unobtrusively while also keeping the little ones’ minds sharp with interactive STEM-based gamification challenges.


The app includes a growing library of quizzes and challenges in various subjects, including Math, Science, Geography, and English.

Parents have access to controls that allow them to set daily screen limits and options of what educational content they want to display and when.

TimeOutIQ’s built-in AI function learns responses and tracks strengths and weaknesses on each subject and automatically increases the level of questions and challenges.

You can monitor usage as well as the number of questions and challenges and what they got right and wrong. This gives you solid insight into how your kid fares in different important STEM subjects.

You have the option of awarding more screen time, especially if they’re acing their questions. Set bonus time to add automatically if they answer a certain number of questions right.

Outside of invaluable educational content, we want to make sure kids are resting their eyeballs and minds and avoiding constant screen inundation.

With three versions of the app – a free version and two premium paid versions for up to five kids – you now have a powerful educational and screen time app for every budget and best of all it can replace standalone apps.

The TimeOutIQ app is available in the Google Play Store and will soon be on the Apple Store. We really loved the concept. If you’re a parent concerned about your kids, do check it out.