Nintendo Switch

By: Andrew Tropeano

After dominating every decade since the release of the NES in the late 80s, Nintendo kept the streak alive with the wildly popular Switch console. Now it looks like the Japanese gaming company will release a Switch sequel sometime this fall if a report by Bloomberg can be believed.

The new Nintendo Switch, replete with a 7-inch OLED screen will reportedly launch in September or October of this year. The Samsung OLED screen will serve players using it as a mobile device on the go while allowing them to throw up 4K imagery when they hook up to their TV.

For comparison, the current Switch rocks a 6.2-inch screen with only 1080p capabilities when playing on your TV. Needless to say, it’s in desperate need of an upgrade and has been a long time coming.

In addition to the screen, the Switch houses a NVIDIA chip that supports Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS, which essentially allows them to display 4K graphics.

Now, if they said they were looking to deliver the new Nintendo Switch last year, I’d have my doubts, what with all of the delays in production across nearly every industry, including electronics. But things are different this year. Everything’s opening up and Nintendo’s suppliers claim they can meet the deadlines for a fall release.

Whether they’ll have limited stock or have to forego something they’d have kept in the design in pre-COVID times is another thing altogether. One thing’s for sure, there’s no way they’re going to bump the resolution and other features without also bumping the price. So, expect a heftier price tag on the new Switch that exceeds the current $300.

Nintendo of course hasn’t confirmed their plan to release the 4K Switch this fall, let alone at all, but there are plenty of outlets citing sources reporting on it, namely Bloomberg. It may be a rumor, but it looks a lot like a carefully orchestrated leak as part of a larger marketing plan, which is pretty SOP these days.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears out for any official confirmation or announcement from Nintendo which probably isn’t far off if the fall release holds water.