MAC has a vast collection of built-in apps. Some applications are used in Mac to listen to music, transparent malicious files, watch movies, manage passwords, perform drawings, remove unwanted applications, etc. But if you want to perform various tasks, you need to install useful software on your Mac.

And for that, having in-depth knowledge about different software applications is a must.

If you are in doubt to select essential software for your Mac, then you must go through the following list, which includes the best MacBook software with their popular features:

  • Lastpass: It is one of the best mac apps that helps you to remember all your passwords on all the devices. With the help of Lastpass, you can easily and quickly login into any website. It will automatically fill all payments and shipping details on the shopping website without you lifting a finger. It stores your digital record securely and enables you to generate a strong password.
  • Parallels Desktop: This tool offers 30 single-click utilities for Mac which help you avoid personal notifications and screensaver lock during any presentation. Parallels Desktop provides a quick IP address lockup, and it also helps to find identical files. This application can also analyze and optimize the performance of the app. It can capture a video of your complete screen.
  • Todoist: It is a task management tool that helps you to have a clear overview of your tasks. With the help of Todoist, you can easily divide your daily tasks into shared projects. You can keep a record of accomplished tasks easily. If you think which one is the best, then everyone has their unique features. But Todoist is one of the top mac apps that help you set weekly and daily goals and easily monitor them. You can also display your daily and monthly progress in color-coded graphs.
  • Drive Genius – It’s a preferred Mac cleaner for many reasons. It is a perfect blend of antimalware tools and cleaning software which undoubtedly makes it the best in the market. However, the market is flooded with countless cleaning software and you may be thinking which one is the best for you, but sticking with this one will end all your hassles of detecting the junk files and putting them in trash in one go. Plus, it is a super cool medium to save space on your MacBook. Then why not try it?
  • Hazel: With the help of Hazel for your MacBook, you can organize files according to your rules. The files can move to any directories according to name, date, type, and more. It can delete files from the trash that is too old. It can also support iTunes and image importing. It provides notifications with sound, and you can synchronize data to Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or network share. Hazel will help you to create workflows to process files the way you like.
  • Amphetamine: It is one of the vital mac apps that prevent your Mac from sleeping or locking with the help of one mouse click. It can quickly identify a specific amount of time that allows or prevents screensaver activation. It doesn’t contain any ads or support for AppleScript. After some time of inactivity, it can automatically lock your laptop screen.
  • Dropbox: It is a file storage service that provides file synchronization, personal cloud, cloud storage, and client software. Dropbox helps you to synchronize data across all devices safely. It also allows you to bring all your content together, but your file size should be 50 GB or less.

Bottom Line

These software is beneficial and can give you a better experience without any hassle.