Noonlight – The Safety App with 24/7 Monitoring and Data-Rich Emergency Response


If you’ve ever felt unsafe while out what steps do you take to ensure your safety? Public safety in metropolitan areas, college campuses and the like is vitally important worldwide and we’ve found an app that can help.

Noonlight was launched in 2013 as a safety app to keep college campuses safe. Since then, it’s grown to include over 3 million users, protecting individual users worldwide.

Partnering with products and services to enable affordable 24/7 sensor and video monitoring and data-rich emergency response, Noonlight allows users to quickly get help in any situation, without the need for dialing 911 or making a call or text.

It’s the only safety app that can pinpoint a user’s exact location and send police or emergency responders immediately.

If you’re feeling unsafe, fire up the app and hold the center button. Once you’re out of any danger or threat of danger, release and enter your unique pin code.

If you don’t enter your pin, Noonlight will alert emergency responders with your location and emergency.

The app can even connect to your Apple watch and your rideshare accounts to automatically share driver info with the police when you trigger an alarm.

Keep you and your loved ones safe. Download Noonlight in the App Store now.