One of the sneakiest firearms in CS:GO is the M4A1-S. While it causes less damage than the AK-47, the weapon is loved by many fans. It can be enhanced with a variety of skins, some of which cost under $5. Most of the variations are fairly rare and valuable. We have selected five skins worth considering if you want the best bang for your buck.

It is advisable to choose M4A1S skins with minimal wear. The difference in quality is barely noticeable, while the difference in price is substantial. You may even get two skins for the price of one! Look for the following options:

1.  M4A1-S Nightmare

You may be surprised to see this valuable skin on our list. With minimal wear, it will set you back around $7. However, field-tested versions are cheaper — you can get one for as little as $4. The most expensive versions are factory-new, so they are not suitable for our task.

2.  M4A1-S Decimator

This cheaper variation has a cool appearance and enhanced accuracy. It has a silencer and a smaller magazine than the unmuffled rifle. Enjoy shots with less noise and a higher precision. The color combination — purple and blue highlights — is pleasing to the eye. You may find this item for as little as $4.60.

3.  M4A1-S Leaded Glass

Another model with a silencer and a smaller magazine, this rifle looks amazing with its wild combination of colors (orange, green, blue, and yellow). It performs amazingly in-game. Reduce recoil and enhance accuracy with this firearm from the Spectrum 2 Collection that looks like shattered glass. The average price for this is between $2 and $3.

4.  M4A1-S Flashback

This is a rebel army type skin. With minimal wear, the silenced rifle may cost even less than $1. Meanwhile, factory-new items can cost under $3. This item from the Glove Collection is hand-painted, and the design hints at the duality of man. It will bring out the Joker in you!

5.  M4A1-S Nitro

Enjoy quieter shots and lower recoil with this member of the Safehouse Collection. This muffled firearm is eye-catching with its spray-painted parts. The combination of black and orange looks elegant. If you are looking for a minimalistic skin, the Nitro will not disappoint you. A field-tested weapon costs under $1. A minimal wear rifle will set you back a couple of dollars.

Where to Buy or Sell

In recent years, more and more players have chosen third-party exchanges over Steam. Withdrawals of profits and better prices are the key strengths of sites like DMarket. If you want to trade skins safely and get real cash, it will exceed your expectations.

Over 1 million skins are available, and 10+ million deals have been executed so far. The system also offers NFT drops, face-to-face trading (without depositing items to the platform), trading in bulk via API, a mobile app, and other cool benefits. This is a great place to get cheap M4A1S skins and more!