It is a widely accepted fact in the gaming community that if you are really looking to experience a first-person shooter game made for serious gamers, then Escape from Tarkov is the one for you. Pro gamers have referred to escape from Tarkov as one of the most challenging games they have ever played, and they are professionals who spend thousands of hours on becoming the best players in the game. But even for some of them, Escape from Tarkov is too challenging, so what chances does a beginner stand.

But before you try your hands on Escape from Tarkov, you need to have a better understanding of the control system to have any chance of a successful run. One cannot just use an Escape from Tarkov aimbot and win every game.

Basic Movement and Controls

Yes, there is a difference between basic and advanced settings, which you will find in this blog.

Movement keys are pretty straightforward, WASD for forward, left, backward, and right, respectively. Hold Q and E to lean left and right. Space key is for Jump, Caps Lock enables Walk while Left Shift would make the character sprint in the direction it is facing. Press C to crouch and X to Prone. F is used to interact, and Tab opens the inventory.

These are all pretty straightforward, and if you already played any other shooter game, you would have used the same or somewhat similar control settings. One difference is that by double-tapping ‘O’, one can check time and exits, and every raid is time limit has a potential set of exits; the game is called ‘Escape from Tarkov.’

Advanced Movement and Controls

Escape from Tarkov has several advanced movements and controls that one needs to master to stand a chance in Escape from Tarkov. As from the basic controls, Escape from Tarkov offers character controls to both lean and crouch, but there are incremental variations to these controls as well. One can do smooth lean by simultaneously using Left Alt + A or D for left smooth lean and right smooth lean. Left Alt + Q or E are used to sidestep left and right, and one can even cycle between various walk poses by holding ‘C’ and scrolling the mouse. Holding down the middle mouse button, one can get a free look at their surroundings.

Combat and Equipment controls


Like every other first-person shooter game, Left Mouse Button is to shoot at the enemy and the right mouse button aims. R is used to Reload weapons, and by pressing R twice quickly, one can do a quick reload, which is really helpful if you are in a fight. The grenade throw is G, and the melee weapon is equipped by pressing A. Double-tapping would drop the backpack a player is carrying, which is extremely helpful as there is a weight limit a person could carry in Escape from Tarkov, and the more the package weight, the slower the player’s movement will be.


Now, this is where it gets really interesting. It is highly likely that you would already have known most of the movement and controls, if not all, mentioned above in the blog, but mastering these advanced combat and equipment controls would establish you as one of the top players of the game very quickly.

One can activate their night vision google by pressing N, and the importance of night vision is not something one needs to explain. Activate the tactical device by pressing key T. Check your ammo by pressing Left Alt and key ‘T’ together, which is really useful as it would help individuals better prepare for future combat. Page Up and Page Down are used to adjusting the scope elevation upwards and downwards, respectively whereas Left Ctrl + Right Mouse would switch scopes. One can also change the scope magnification by pressing Left Alt and Right Mouse buttons simultaneously.

Examine the weapon by pressing L, and you can also blind fire overhead with Left Alt + W and on the right side by Left Alt + S. Equip weapon on the back or sling by pressing key ‘3’ and ‘2’, while key ‘1’ is to equip the secondary weapon.

Looting is similarly important in Escape from Tarkov, and you can examine your surrounding by holding the middle mouse button. Ctrl + Left Mouse Button is for a quick transfer, while keys 4 to 0 can be used for slots. Del is to discard.

By mastering the control and movement settings, you would perform infinitely better in Escape from Tarkov.