Technology continues to grow in popularity which means the likelihood of finding your child glaring at a screen all day is on the rise too. From iPads to gaming consoles, no matter which device your child is on, they have the potential to rack up an unhealthy screen time.

With that, it’s important to know the most effective tips to get your child away from their devices.

Set an example

Children want to be like their parents and so, they will copy just about anything that their mum or dad does. This applies to technology usage so it is pivotal that you set a precedent and use your digital devices appropriately so that your children do not fall under the illusion that using electronics 24/7 is acceptable behaviour.

A great way to do this is to avoid using your device when your children are present so that they see you without a device in your hand more often. This will in turn, make them realise that they don’t need their devices as much too.

Swap gadgets for an electronics tech kit

Fun and educational, electronics kits are a great way for children to learn all about coding instead of focussing on mind-numbing applications on their gadgets. Tech kits like Raspberry Pi are child friendly and have tons of fun projects that you and your children can work together on. These include building your own robot or creating a weather station.

There are tons of benefits that coding can have on children and it will give you and your child more opportunities to spend quality time together.

Get outside

There’s an outdoor activity for every child to enjoy and the benefits of getting fresh air are unrivalled for children.

Find a new sport for your children to try or ask them to lead you on an adventure walk around your local woods. Let their imagination run wild instead of letting them waste time looking at screens.

Encourage reading

Reading is a great way for children to spend their time. The benefits are endless for their cognitive development and it can be so fun once they find the right book. Often the trickiest part is knowing how your child can start reading but once they know the basics, reading will become second nature to your child.

Keep screens out the bedroom

Screens have the capabilities to disrupt sleeping abilities so they must stay out of the bedroom – especially for children that have been on them all day. Make the last thing your child does special and share a bedtime story with them as they get ready for a great nights sleep so they’re ready for the next day.