Contactless and cashless payment through mobile banking

Middle East eCommerce businesses are encouraging their governments to facilitate customers with flexible smart payment methods. For many years, people living in these countries have been using money over cards. After the boom of the eCommerce industry, they found online payments highly convenient. Therefore, the number of mobile smart wallet applications is drastically increasing. According to Statista, 47% of the transactions in the Middle East were card payments. PPRO published a report that suggested that about 14 percent of transactions were done through e-Wallets.

In Gulf countries, electronic transactions are leaping because of increasing eCommerce sites. These payment methods are convenient, flexible, and fast. It is why various governments also introduced online payment cards for their government employees. Besides flexibility, these payment methods bring transparency, speed, and security to the system.

Consumer life in the Middle East is radically changing as people are shifting from physical stores to online stores. Because of this, the Middle East recently noticed a massive increase in their eCommerce sector. The consumer behavior change also encouraged numerous smart wallet apps to function in this region. Since EXPO 2021 has begun in Dubai inviting businesses and tourists from all around the world, people should know about online apps to assist Expo visitors.

5 Popular Mobile Smart Wallet Apps Used in the Middle East

Here are five major mobile smart wallets in Middle Eastern countries:

1.      PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard in the Middle East offers a secure payment platform for credit card payments. The platform offers various alternative payment methods as well. The best thing about this payment platform is that it allows businesses to use mobile smart wallets for physical stores as well as online payments. It features Rapid Transfer, so customers can instantly pay through their bank accounts without security issues.

2.      Google Pay

Google developed Google Pay to facilitate their users with easy online transactions. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can download Google Pay on your mobile phone and deposit cash. You have to enter your bank details on the platform for withdrawals and deposits. Standard Chartered, Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, and Mashreq are some of the few banks enabling their users to link their accounts with Google Pay. Other banks such as RAKBANK will soon join the services.

Google Pay protects its users with a pass code. Therefore, you can save your banking details without worrying about  security threats. The platform offers card information security to its users. Furthermore, neither the platform nor the bank shares your banking details with online stores. What’s more, every transaction is encrypted and uses codes to receive and share information with the bank.

3.      Emirates Digital Wallet

16 UAE national banks established this platform under the UAE Bank Federation or UBF. The platform supports the banking sector in the UAE promoting cashless transactions in the region. Emirates Digital Wallet operates through Klip, which is an app that offers digital money for purchasing, remittance, and spending. You can create and link your Klip account with your bank account. Stakeholders use Klip through Emirates Digital wallet, which is available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, and Iraq.

With Emirates Digital Wallet, you can send and receive money for products and services. If you live in the UAE with an active SIM card, you can create an account on this platform. Residents without bank accounts can also use this service. The application enables voice-activated and biometric banking payments for secure transactions.

4.      Etisalat Wallet

Etisalat wallet is highly popular in Dubai and offers convenience, rewards, and secure transactions. Customers can also pay transportation fees, utility bills, top-up their mobile, and make purchases. Etisalat wallet is available on iOS and Android app stores.

Thousands of retailers and merchants are available in Etisalat wallet, which gives customers complete freedom to shop. You must have an Etisalat mobile account. It is important to use their wallet. For eligibility, you should have Wasel prepaid, postpaid, and credit or debit cards. With an Etisalat wallet, you can pay for your parking tickets in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

5.      WePay

WePay is a Chinese online payment platform that is becoming highly popular in the UAE. Numerous options are available in WePay for UAE residents. A notable benefit of this application is that you can connect your bank account with this app and make payments. WePay is also a secure smart wallet app that offers maximum security to the users in UAE.


Smart wallet applications are becoming tremendously popular in Middle Eastern countries. In this post, we mentioned some popular and reliable payment options to ensure you can create an account and get started with online payments.