There are new threats, hacking methods, and cyber security attacks every year. For example, ransomware attacks came to light and infected computer devices worldwide in 2021, and many threats are expected in 2022. Even with high-security standards and security updates, hackers always find their way to crack the systems. Many people don’t know how to protect their devices and how important it is. This article will discuss the top security threats expected in 2022 and how it works.

Ransomware attacks

We saw ransomware attacks in 2020, 2021, and we will see them in 2022. It’s a type of malware that could infect your device and encrypt all your data using a powerful encryption method, then ask you to buy a key to decrypt your data. You could pay up to $400 without a guarantee about getting your data back; plus, you will have to pay in untraceable cryptocurrency. One of the ways devices is getting hacked is through passwords. For this purpose, you may choose a very hard discoverable password to not get easily hacked. If this is something that you are interested in you can use Avast password generator to get the most possible hard discoverable passwords.

Until this day, there is no practical way to fight against ransomware. So, it’s expected to infect more devices in 2022. Furthermore, there are many types of ransomware like Bad rabbit, Jigsaw, locky, Ryuk, and Wannacry.

It also targets organizations and companies, tiny and mid-businesses, with more valuable data. There has also been a new approach called (ransomware as a service) allows anyone to buy this service and use it for illegal activities.

IoT vulnerability

IoT or the internet of things is a new technology that helps us access and control many things. For example, a smart home uses IoT to monitor and control everything in your house, such as turn the lights off and on, control your air conditioner, access cameras, open door locks, etc.

Besides IoT benefits, it’s also a valuable target for hackers because of all the information that a hacker can get from sensors and cameras in the house. Your privacy could be at risk. However, more people have started to use it, and that’s why IoT vulnerabilities are expected to be a potential threat and valuable target to exploit by hackers in 2022.

Cloud service

More and more companies are moving their apps and servers to the cloud. Using cloud services could save time and effort but also, it has many risks that should be considered.

Hackers will not save any efforts to reach the data in any CSP (cloud service provider). Moreover, if clients want to change their CSP and move to another, they must use robust security measures. Hackers could target this service. So, it should be a big concern in 2022.

Deep Fake AI and enhanced malware

Using artificial intelligence to make fake news, videos, and voices, we can call it the new Photoshop, one of the most dangerous technologies we have ever seen, because you only need some photos and video for people to make them talk whatever you want. However, there are many Deep Faked videos on the internet for famous people like President Obama and others, and you may not notice that it’s fake. Hackers could use this technology in social engineering and other hacking techniques.

Not only videos but also voice calls can be deep faked. However, this technology can be beneficial for hackers by helping them steal people’s identities and words.

Also, AI can improve malware by adding an AI feature. And when malware infects a specific network, it monitors the network’s behavior, device activity, and security settings. So, malware can avoid being detected by the security software, firewalls, and even other AIs.

Supply chain attacks

The supply chain consists of many parts, starts with raw materials, and ends with the consumers, any part of the chain could be attacked by someone, affecting the other chain parts.

This kind of attack can affect network devices, such as firewalls, routers, switches, and many other electronic devices consumers use. Also, no one can expect where or how the attack will happen. There are many previous attacks of this kind, like the SolarWinds attack.

Supply chain attacks could impact many companies and organizations along the chain. These attacks are expected to occur in 2022 because it takes a lot of effort and time to secure all parts of the supply chain.


Cyber security is becoming a big concern for all companies, organizations, and individuals. We hope cyber security specialists can fight against those threats and find practical solutions to protect sensitive data.