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The Internet might be filled with wonders and all sorts of websites, but when you look at statistics, people really trust only a few platforms. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and Amazon, have millions of users, and we only spend money on sites that we trust. The situation is similar when it comes to online casinos, as players might be reluctant to try and spend money on brand new gambling sites.

Currently, users are comfortable with using PayPal and playing on sites that have a strong online presence in their region. You can find a list of operators that accept PayPal and that have been around for some time on this link, and you will definitely have a good time playing there. However, if you are just ignoring other options out of fear, then you are potentially missing out on good deals and bonuses. So, let’s go over some reliable ways to make a deposit in an online casino.

Finding Reliable Casinos

Before we discuss the most reliable payment methods, we should first go over some tips on how to identify trustworthy operators. The first thing you need to look for is license information, as that will tell you whether the operator is regulated. The information should be available on the website, but if you are having trouble finding it you can always reach out to the customer support and ask them. Alternatively, you can look for the list of best payout casino sites and see which operators have handled big payments in the past. The sites that create these lists tend to focus on reliable providers who are licensed and regulated.


Currently the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to make a deposit is via cryptocurrency. Additionally, you might even be able to stay anonymous while playing, should you opt for this payment method. The decentralized blockchain technology really has the potential to revolutionize payment systems, but it’s still early to tell how it will develop. Many equate the hobby of crypto trading with gambling, and governments are insisting on regulating this market. That being said, casinos have been using this payment method for some time, and it’s really reliable, provided you have cryptos. If you need to purchase them and then make a deposit, then it might not be the cheapest option for you, due to multiple conversions.


Another very efficient and safe way to make a deposit is via e-wallets. Unlike bank accounts, these don’t provide the same level of security or insurance, but they are great for making fast transfers. In other words, having an e-wallet with a small amount of money will be incredibly handy for playing or even for shopping online. Thanks to the mobile payment apps the whole transaction is completed within seconds. Currently, some of the most popular payment apps are:


  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Venmo
  • Neteller


A lot of these are usually available in online casinos, so you should have no trouble finding an operator who accepts one of these payments.

SMS Payments

If we are talking exclusively about deposits, then SMS payments are definitely another reliable method. First of all, you don’t need to have a bank account or any other payment app to make this possible. You simply make a payment that is then added to your phone bill. This method is really popular in places where people don’t trust banks too much. Moreover, it’s good if you don’t want your bank statement to contain information on where you spend your money.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most of the banks that issue cards, also have their own digital payments application for managing funds. As a result, making payments with your credit or debit cards is incredibly convenient nowadays. It’s as efficient as using an e-wallet, but it’s also understandable why people aren’t too eager to use this method.


First, they are not comfortable with leaving their bank account information on another website, because someone might hack that site and steal the information. Another reason is that they don’t want their bank statement to contain records of these transactions. People can be judgmental, and gambling is still a controversial topic, so they come off as irresponsible.



These were some of the most reliable ways to make a deposit at an online casino. However, don’t be swayed with a big selection of deposit methods, always check what methods are available for withdrawal as well. Ultimately, you want to be able to make fast withdrawals if needed, and that’s only possible if the same options are available for withdrawal. So make sure you do your research before making an account.