When it comes to the fastest internet connection, many people will quickly think of fiber internet. With its superior connection quality and the ability to deliver fast upload and download speeds, it’s no wonder why fiber optic internet has become a popular internet choice for residential and commercial properties in the United States.


The pricing of this type of internet connection has also drastically improved since it launched years ago. The majority of fiber internet plans right now are priced at five to twenty cents per Mbps, giving users better value than DSL, cable, and even satellite internet. But unfortunately, despite its unmatched connection quality, fiber internet is the least available internet type in the United States, with only around 42% coverage nationwide. Most of these areas are primarily cities and business districts.


All fiber internet providers utilize the same technology, but you will notice that their speed tiers, prices, and service terms vary between providers—being one of the main reasons why some fiber internet providers stand out from the rest. In this article, we have listed some of the best fiber optic internet providers for your home, taking different factors into consideration, such as reliability, accessibility, pricing, and more. Let’s begin!


  1. Verizon Fios

In terms of pricing, speed, and terms of service, Verizon Fios is one of the best choices you can have. However, its fiber optic internet is primarily serving Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. If you live in areas where Verizon Fios, consider yourself lucky. It is one of the best home internets and would be really tough to beat if you compare it to other fiber internet providers.


The lowest Verizon Fios internet plan starts at $40 a month with download and upload speeds of up to 300Mbps. Its next fiber tier is also reasonably priced at $65 per month for up to 500Mbps download and upload speeds. Verizon’s Gigabit service is at $90 per month, usually on par with other internet service providers with a $5 auto-pay enrollment discount, reducing your monthly fee to $85.


Expect some appealing freebies with your Fios subscription, such as gift cards and free streaming subscriptions, regardless of the Fios package you choose. When you sign up for Verizon Fios, you can get a $100 gift card, and all plans come with a one-year Disney Bundle membership, including Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. You’ll also get a complimentary Wi-Fi router and extender rental when you sign up for the gigabit service.


  1. Spectrum Internet

If you want to get a free modem, free antivirus software, no contracts, and no data caps, Spectrum Internet might be your best choice. With their introductory plan starting at $49.99 for download and upload speeds of up to 200Mbps, you’re in for a treat! Spectrum’s next tier is priced at $69.99 for up to 400Mbps. The fastest internet plan they currently offer is $89.99 for speeds up to 1Gbps.


You might notice that Spectrum’s internet plans are a bit higher than Verizon Fios. However, when you compare the freebies you will get and the money you could’ve saved if you ever subscribe to the aforementioned services, you will still get the most out of your money with Spectrum’s fiber internet.


  1. EarthLink Internet

EarthLink Internet offers high-speed internet without any data caps. While you might find their internet plans a bit pricey compared to other internet providers, you will still get the quality of service you pay for. Their internet plans range from $59.95 for a 30Mbps plan to $129.95 for a 2Gbps plan.


Because EarthLink uses other carriers’ fiber networks or municipal fiber-optic networks, available speeds, and service quality can vary greatly from one place to the next. EarthLink offers fiber connectivity with speeds up to 1 gigabit for specific places. Moreover, it also offers one of the best security features alongside its internet plans, ensuring a safe and secured browsing experience.


  1. MetroNet Internet

MetroNet is known for having fast, reliable internet speeds. Featuring its 100Mbps fiber internet for $39.95 per month, it is significantly higher than Verizon and Spectrum’s lowest internet packages. However, it’s also one of the most consistent internet service providers.


All of its internet plans come with no long-term contract for the convenience of its subscribers. Their internet plan speeds range from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, although availability highly varies on the location. If MetroNet Internet is available in your area, it’s definitely one of the best fiber internets you can have despite its slightly higher monthly fees.


  1. AT&T Fiber

AT&T has the most fiber availability of any provider, with service available to over 16 million prospective clients in 21 states. When you consider its new multi-gig packages launched in January, the provider also offers some of the most affordable fiber internet access.


AT&T’s Internet 5000 plan offers a 4-cents-per-Mbps price of $180 per month for speeds up to 5,000 megabits per second, but not every home requires that much speed, which makes it a not-so-popular option for most households. However, all of their internet options include unlimited data and don’t require you to sign a contract.

In recent years, AT&T has received outstanding customer satisfaction scores due to its fast speeds, reasonable pricing, and customer-friendly service conditions. In 2021, the American Customer Satisfaction Index rated AT&T 71 out of 100, putting it in a tie with Verizon Fios for first place, while J.D. Power declared AT&T the best internet provider in the North/Central and South areas.



There’s no doubt fiber optic internet is by far the best internet connection a home could ever have. However, the slow expansion of fiber internet has been leaving most households with slower internet connections. If you’ve been planning to switch to fiber internet, begin today by checking out the top five fiber optic internet providers on our list. Determine if any of them is available in your area, and make sure to pick the most suitable fiber internet plan for your n