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If you need extra money and your salary is not enough, you can enlist the help of online focus groups.

The definition of focus-groups

Focus groups are used when introducing a new product to the market or improving an existing one, choosing a promotion strategy, developing and testing promotional material, etc.

The main goals:

  • the opinions of potential or actual customers about a product or a problem related to it;
  • their personal experience with the product
  • their motivations for making a decision;
  • habits, preferences, beliefs, and fears about the topic under discussion.

The method combines:

  • interview – conducted on a pre-prepared list of questions;
  • discussion – participants can express their opposing views and give arguments;
  • Conversation – unplanned, related issues and aspects can be discussed in addition.

In simple terms, a focus group is something between a round table and a group interview. A focus group is a qualitative research method. Quantitative methods answer the question “how much?”, while focus groups answer the question “why?”.

Here is the list of platforms where you can find paid surveys and focus groups, seasoned with information about each of them.


Headquartered in Europe, PingPong is not a newcomer to the research market, although it has already gained the trust of its users. 

Its main focus of surveys and focus groups is testing software, websites, mobile applications, and other software. The company offers between 50 and 100 euros per hour spent.

Despite being physically based in Europe, both Europeans and US citizens can become a user of their platform.

Survey Junkie

The main focus of the platform is online surveys. At the same time, Survey Junkie sometimes conducts large surveys that pay well.

The approximate cost of product focus groups is $70 per hour. In general, according to reviews from active users, you can earn around $30 per half hour on the platform. 

User Interviews

This site offers users top focus groups and surveys on various topics. These include sports, cosmetics, social media, pet products, food, and software. 

You can earn anywhere from $50 an hour, to as much as $400 for large 1-2 hour groups.

Registration is very fast and only takes a few minutes. However, you need to fill in all the details carefully, including age, race, name, city of residence, and so on.

Ipsos i-Say

This company also conducts surveys and focus groups on various topics, but its services are offered to users from all over the world. Most Ipsos surveys cost around one dollar on average but take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete. Given their user-friendly mobile app, you can earn money sitting in a café, in the park, or on your sofa at home. 

There’s also the occasional opportunity to participate in large focus groups, earning between $50 and $100. Payment is made in points, which can be converted to cash or redeemed for a gift card. 


Despite the difficulties, taking part in focus groups in St louis or some online market research study for money is not a bad way to occupy your spare time. And earning a small amount of money from it. It is certainly not enough money for a living. However, it is enough money for petrol, a cup of coffee and other little pleasures of life. Why not take advantage of it?